Why Not Start Organizing Your Big Move Now?

Chloe Marchbank

While you may not be moving right now due to the pandemic, being stuck at home is a good time to start planning the big move and get organized for it. And if you’re moving home for the first time, perhaps out of your parent’s house or from your first rented place it can be an extremely stressful time. Here are some tips to consider, when the paperwork is underway and that moving date has been confirmed. 

Where to get boxes 

If you can, avoid buying packing boxes – there are plenty of places where you can pick them up for free. You’ll need a range of boxes in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate all of your worldly possessions. Start by saving any that arrive in the post and keeping them close by, ready to fill. 

You could also ask your workplace, friends and family to set aside any boxes they have that you can then use. Supermarkets are also a great spot to seek out some boxes, ask your local supermarket when their next delivery day is and if they wouldn’t mind keeping some for you – most will be more than happy to help. 

Where to store belongings during the move 

There’s likely going to be a transitional period where you’ll need to find somewhere to house larger furniture and belongings while the paperwork goes through. While your parent’s garage may be free, consider hiring out a purpose-built storage unit. 

Self storage allows you to choose a unit in a size that suits your needs that you can then fill with your belongings. You can then get your items back out once you’re properly moved in. 

What to do before you pack 

Before you start packing, it’s important you take some time to go through your belongings and decide what to keep, donate or throw away. This ensures that everything you take with you to your new home is necessary. 

Take some time to go through cupboards, drawers and wardrobes. Separate items into keep, donate and throw away piles asking yourself each time if what you’re looking at is necessary, nice to have or unneeded. You’ll free up so much space in your new home and the packing process will go much more smoothly!  

Should you hire movers or do it yourself?

This depends on how much you need to move and what time you’re working with on moving day. If you need to move everything within time, a professional long-distance moving service in NYC could be a great help. They can move quickly and have all the tools and vehicles required to make the moving process seamless. 

If you have time, say you’re moving into your new home over the course of a couple of days or a week, you can do it yourself. Simply hire a van or push down the back seats of your car and load these up with your belongings. It’s cheaper and less stressful but isn’t always the way things work. Take a look at this guide from move.org which looks at the pros and cons of moving yourself compared to hiring a professional. 

Is the property liveable? 

If you’ve bought a new home but it needs a lot of work, is it worth living with friends or family and fixing it up before you move in? If you’ve picked out a storage unit then you won’t need to worry about your belongings and you can focus on getting the property ready to move into in your own time. 

Do you need to book time off work? 

If you’re moving on a weekday, it’s likely you’ll need to book some time off work to sort things out. Do this in plenty of time before the day to ensure nothing crops up that could affect your move. 

It’s important you book your day off within the notice period your company requests to improve your chances of being allowed the holiday. In the UK, there are no rules around whether employers have to give the day to move house.

First time moving? Take on these tips and considerations and make your move as stress-free as possible. 

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