How to Know Exactly What Kind of Coffee to Buy

By Ashley Lipman

It’s safe to say that coffee is a staple in the modern world diet. Whipping up a delicious cuppa at home is typically the most popular route to go. 

In general, we make three main mistakes with coffee: we buy it pre-ground, we make it too weak, and we buy it at coffee shops instead of making it ourselves. 

The coffee bean you decide to use is the key factor regarding the taste-value of your coffee and you need to look for a source with a good selection of organic coffee beans when choosing what works best for you.

Arabica vs. Robusta Coffee Beans

It’s vital to grind your coffee beans. It ensures your coffee is as fresh as possible. To grind some beans up, however, you need to choose a type of bean first. 

Robusta and Arabica beans are two of the most popular types among coffee junkies. The one you pick depends on whether flavor or caffeine is your deciding factor. More than 60% of the world’s population consumes Arabica coffee. 

Arabica beans have a sweet and fruity taste, along with higher levels of acidity. These are your go-to coffee beans if you prefer a flavor-rich coffee. Robusta beans typically have more of a bitter taste, but they offer higher quantities of caffeine. 

Hack 1: Whole Beans

Always buy whole beans. The idea of purchasing pre-ground coffee might sound convenient, but it means you miss out on a whole lot of flavor. 

Oxygen speeds up the oxidation process. As soon as you crack the outer shell of your coffee beans, the process begins. This means that pre-ground coffee has much less flavor than freshly ground beans.

If you grind your beans right before brewing time,(tip: use a proper coffee grinder for best results) you’re more likely to enjoy a better-tasting cup of coffee.

Hack 2: Origin

There are a lot of factors that determine the flavor of the final coffee bean: sunshine, rain, altitude, and soil. The bean’s background is a crucial indicator of how it’ll taste. 

The “Bean Belt,” located in various areas along the equator, is where coffee plantations thrive most. If the bag of beans you’re about to purchase can’t tell you where the coffee originates from, you may want to rethink your decision. 

Over 50 countries produce coffee. Each country features varying processing techniques as well as climates. It can be an exciting journey to explore exotic coffee flavors in specific regions. You can discover a lot of new tastes you never knew existed.

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Here are some of the most famous coffee regions in the world:

  • Colombia: Mild coffee flavors with well-balanced acidity and caramel sweetness. Sporadic nutty notes.
  • Brazil: A broad palette of heavy-body flavors with notes of peanuts.
  • Ethiopia: Massive diversity of coffee with numerous processing techniques. Features fruity, wine-like brews, and floral tea-like coffees.
  • Kenya: Sweet and savory flavors of tomato and blackcurrant.
  • Indonesia: Known for Java and aged coffees with a deep body and low acidity.

Hack 3: Where to Buy the Best Coffee Beans

The best place to buy coffee beans is an independent coffee shop in your local town. If they don’t stock any beans for sale, you should still be able to ask for a pointer in the right direction.

Specialty shops that focus on local beans and high-quality imports can also have some fantastic choices.

Purchasing directly from the roaster is also a good option. It cuts out the middleman and enables the roaster to make more profits for themselves, keeping them in business and giving you the freshest beans.

Making a delicious cup of coffee is easy with our awesome hacks. First, make sure you buy fresh, high-quality whole beans. Then, grind them up right before your daily brew for the highest flavor experience. mentions a whole lot of other coffee tips to help you enjoy the best cup.

That’s everything you need to know when buying beans, so go forth and enjoy your new-found coffee-making hacks! 

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