What Does Your Style of Sunglasses Say About You?

By Tess DiNapoli

For many, sunglasses are the ultimate accessory. They elevate your outfit, protect your eyes, and create a definitive first impression. They’re front and center on your face whenever you go out, and they’re impossible to ignore. We’re convinced that the frames you choose have a lot to say about your personality. If you’ve got a pair of sunglasses for every occasion, learn what your favorite pair really says about you. You can also have a few pairs of custom sunglasses from US Imprints. Check out their site to see more.

1. Cat Eye

women's black framed cat eye sunglasses preview

A flair for drama and a love for retro looks, you’re a cinematic kind of person that plans out every move. Have you ever slowly lowered your sunglasses to stare off into the distance? Perhaps you throw on these glasses after putting together a particularly sophisticated outfit for brunch with the girls. Your closet is probably full of the best trends from every decade ensuring a timeless mix and match of capsule perfection.

Cat eye sunglasses are the perfect choice to whip off before a sexy eyebrow raise or a sultry wink.

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2. Aviators


Are you a strong personality, exuding confidence with every look? An undercover celebrity on the way to the corner store? Maybe you’re an actual pilot? With aviators on, nobody knows. You’re mysterious, fashionable, and sophisticated — even while wearing basic jeans and a tee. This style will never die and is often found on the faces of some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Balance a sense of rebelliousness and authority when you choose aviators as a signifier of your personal style.

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3. Round


Following in the footsteps of John Lennon and Yoko definitely makes you a quirky person that marches to the beat of their own drum. Whether you prefer oversized rounded frames or miniature circles over your eyes, you’ve got a zen vibe that chills out everyone around you. We wouldn’t be surprised if you’re a little bit sensitive and a lot a bit of an artist. What’s your preference? Singing, drawing, dancing?

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4. Heart Shaped


Cute and dreamy, you simply love to love. You’re a heart-eye emoji personified — with a little Lana Del Rey on the side. You might have your head in the clouds, but your fashion is always on point and you definitely make time for the most important people in your life.

To round out your look, you pretty much always choose something from the 90s. Gingham is calling your name, lipgloss is amazing, and there’s something really special for you about wearing a lace choker.

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5. Wayfarer Sunglasses


No sunglasses list is complete without a mention of Ray Ban’s iconic Wayfarer style. Worn by those who are bold and confident, this lens style invaded the fashion forefront like no other. Versatile and flexible, these sunglasses are just like you. You have a voice and you’re not afraid to use it. You show your strength through your fashion, through your actions, and through the force of your personality.

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6. Reflective


Besides caring about fashion and style, you also care about protecting your eyes from the sun. Many reflective or polarized glasses are now combined with UV protection to ensure your eyes are safe. Mirror shades are popular among those who love spending time outdoors and challenging themselves. Where will we find you next? Hiking up a mountain, skiing in the Alps, or maybe surfing some massive crests? Wherever you wear these, we’re sure they’re associated with your adventurous spirit.

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7. Shuttered 


You’re more focused on how you look than who you are. You probably spend most of your time looking for ways to have fun — on a beach, at a bar, or at a bar on a beach. You’re not too concerned with your optical health, or health in general, but we know you’ve got a killer playlist full of songs that really slap.

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8. Avant-Garde 

Image of QUAY AUSTRALIA Transcend Shield Sunglasses
Nordstrom Rack

To say that you’re here to push boundaries is an understatement. With an equal interest in fashion-forward looks and forward-looking ideas, you’re a deep thinker who uses fashion as a physical manifestation of your ideology. We love it and we’re with you! Keep pushing onward to the new frontier.

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Diff Eyewear

These scream “No pictures please, (but if you do, make sure to tag me on Insta).” The oversized polarized style are for those who go boldly in life and are ready to make a statement about taking names and kicking butt while looking stylish in the process. And they’re Insta is probably fabulous.

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