Warning Signs it’s Time to Find a New Psychic

If you have visited a psychic before, you know the experience can be overwhelming at times. Whether you’ve visited a psychic or have found one online, the goal is always to get answers to the things we can know by ourselves.

Even so, some people have witnessed to have received unsatisfactory answers from a psychic. In fact, the answers were not just unsatisfactory but suspicious as well. Some psychics even went to the extent of telling their clients that the only way they could avoid the incoming tragedy is by giving out huge sums of money. Shocking, right?

It is, therefore, important to know the warning signs to look out for when consulting a psychic. This way, you’ll not just ensure that you’re talking to the right person but you’re getting the right guidance as well.

To that end, we have compiled a list of things you’re unlikely to hear from the best psychics or anyone claiming to connect you to your spirit guides. Read on and learn more.

Shocking Revelations About Your Spouse or Partner

Imagine you’ve visited a psychic and they tell you that your partner wants to kill you? Will you trust them? And how would you feel?

If you’ve had a chat with a tarot reader or a psychic, you’ll agree with us that there’s a little guarantee in the business, if any. While it’s true that a good psychic reader can see a warning after looking at a spread of cards, the warning is not usually very specific.

Yes, they can see if someone is not being honest with you or they have plans to betray you or even cause harm to you. However, a reputable reader will never reveal shocking revelations about your partner. But why? I am glad you asked. This is because that is too specific for a psychic to come down to.

Even if there’s some bad news, a good psychic will find a good way to let you know. As a rule of thumb, avoid someone who claims to be too specific.

Ooh, This Disease Will Kill You

We bet the last thing you’ll want to hear is that you have a terminal disease. Even so, some people have had to experience this from a psychic reader. It’s awful and can have far-reaching effects on the subjects.

A good reader will not do that. Instead, if they discover that you or someone in your family have a serious disease, let’s say cancer, they might ask whether you’ve had undergone a medical checkup in the recent past.

It’s unethical for a psychic to tell you that you or a close family member will be dead, let’s say, in the next three weeks. Even if they have picked that idea, they should find a better way to let you know.

For instance, a psychic could tell you. “How often do you spend time with your family? I think it’s good you find time for them more often” This will be a better way of letting you know that you don’t have much time left to live.

It is irresponsible for a psychic to tell that you have a terminal disease or something of the sort.

You’re Cursed

It’s common to have bad psychics tell their clients that they are cursed or possessed. To make matters worse, such readers will go ahead to claim that they can help solve the problem after you’ve paid a certain fee. If you experience such, you should think twice about engaging with them.

What’s more, such readers will warn their subjects not to share this information with anyone else as it might attract the wrath of the demons. This, they claim, will make it hard for them to get rid of the demons.

You should avoid anyone who claims that they are the only ones who have the answer to your problems. Any honest reader or psychic can help you.

Be sure to visit a well-trained and honest psychic who will not charge an unfair price for the services.

Sorry, There’s Nothing You Can Do

While we can’t always have complete control of our destiny, there’s always something we can do to change our situation. To that end, you should avoid a psychic who claims that nothing can be done to change a situation.

Remember you can always do something to change areas of your life that do not seem right. Yes, this might not be easy and may require a lot of time, but you can certainly do it.

You should, therefore, be cautious of a psychic who makes you believe that you can’t choose your own path in life.

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