Best Hair Trends from the Eighties to Rock This Spring

By Sophia Smith

With spring at its peak, bright sky, and blooming flowers, we feel like we also need to refresh and upgrade our style. From switching our wardrobe to light dresses and comfy loafers to using less makeup and opting for colors that are bright and bold, we slowly, but happily embrace the spring trends. However, we shouldn’t forget to take care of our hair that has probably suffered the most in the cold, winter air, being constantly covered with beanies and shawls. That is why you should take extra care of it and treat your long, voluminous hair with some amazing hair trends. 

The ones that are the most popular this season are definitely the trends that are inspired by one of the most entertaining decades of all time: the eighties.

Charming high ponytail

Joshua Fuller@joshuafuller

A simple, yet incredibly sexy hairstyle that many women have loved in the 80s. To achieve the perfect high ponytail, start by combing your hair and opt for a hair tie that is the most similar to your natural hair color. You want this kind of ponytail to be long, so if your hair is short, opt for some hair extensions. Many celebrities use them as their secret for a perfect red carpet hair look, so try out this trick for yourself. You can easily find high-quality long clip in hair extensions and use them to achieve a voluminous and alluring ponytail. Just make sure to blend in the extensions with your natural hair, tie it with a transparent or even a silk hair tie, and apply some hairspray. Now all you need to do is rock this amazing eighties-inspired hairstyle, during daytime or for a night out. To make the ponytail a bit more glam, simply center it on one side instead of the back of your head, as you would usually do. Combine this hairdo with a pair of boyfriend jeans and a graphic tucked-in T-shirt and you will get a look that is both trendy and retro.

Chic statement headbands

Ayaka Kato

We used to love our colorful headbands when we were kids and this spring, they are back! Bigger and bolder than ever! A trendy headband will refresh any outfit and even make a formal business look appear exceptionally fashionable. This kind of accessory is ideal for both long and short hair and you don’t need to spend too much time styling your hair when you opt for a chic headband.  They can be matched with a casual, formal, party, or even a sporty outfit because there is truly a gorgeous headband for any occasion. Moreover, if you are having a bad hair day, you can effortlessly put your hair up in a low ponytail and add a satin or bedazzled headband, and thus get a fresh and spring-appropriate hairstyle in no time. 

Vivacious crimped hair

Ilyuza Mingazova@ilyuza

The comeback of crimped hair started a few months ago, but this spring, crimped waves will remain as one of the ultimate trends. We have seen Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, and many other famous ladies rocking this retro look and we loved it. A number of designers have also opted to match their newest collections with models having some nostalgic waves in their hair. What is fantastic about this kind of hairstyle is that it is amazing for when you want to spice up your hair look a bit, but are not ready for any dramatic changes that include cutting or dying the hair into another color. 

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The 80s crimped waves are best achieved when using a crimping tool, but you can also try to get this bold hair texture with a flat iron. An additional tip would be to apply some sea salt spray prior to actually using the styling tools. You can also choose to crimp just a few locks and get a fun and romantic look, or you can crimp your hair throughout to get that iconic volume eighties are famous for. If you want, you can comb your hair after crimping it to get a more of a “messy hair look” and add some hairspray to set everything in place. Match it with a pair of oversized hoop earrings, and you will look like a true stylish diva.

Finally, we can say it doesn’t take too much effort to have your hair looking fabulous this spring, just a bit of creativity. You can find inspiration in the classic eighties looks and adjust them easily to your own style. Whether you go for a ponytail or a colorful headband, it is guaranteed that you will look and feel exquisite.

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