How to Take Your Quarantine Beauty Routine into Real Life

By Uma Campbell

Quarantine has been a strange and unfamiliar reality for most of us. With so much time on your hands, it was the perfect time to get into anything and everything skincare, which many of us are used to neglecting due to the hustle and bustle of life. Fortunately, even from inside, skincare options have been more present than ever. Between Instagram influencers and celebrities sharing their own “routines,” it is hard not to be bombarded with options and new products for flawless skin. But as we transition back into the “real world” is it possible to take these routines with us?

Start With a Simple Routine

You have probably seen just how complicated skin care can be, with many steps, expensive products, and strange tools. However, as we begin to regain a bit more of our busy schedules and lose some free time, it’s essential to focus on creating a minimal, manageable and efficient routine that lasts after quarantine. An excellent first step is figuring out where you’re starting, and a great way to do that is with a skin consultation quiz. From there, focusing on an approach ideally, both morning and night, aimed to cleanse and protect. To cover all bases, find a cleanser, face mask, serum, toner, and moisturizer. Routines are something we look to for security and relaxation. 

Cleansing is the most crucial step, and should at least be done twice a day. When you wake up, freshen up your face, when you go to bed, remove all that makeup and leftover residue for the day before hitting the pillow. Depending on what kind of skin type you have, there are a plethora of cleansers. It is essential not to use anything too harsh, like an exfoliant face wash every day. After cleansing, a face mask can be used. There is no need to use one every day, maybe once or twice a week. Depending on what you feel like your face needs, a moisturizing one, an exfoliating one, a brightening one, the list goes on. Serums are often packed full of topical antioxidants like vitamins A, C, and E and retinoids that target wrinkles and even out skin tone. Finally, moisturizer and or sunscreen at the end will lock in the hydration for the rest of the day. Once you find the right tools, you may discover that while doing something positive for your looks, your new routine will provide emotional support as well.

Get to Know Your Products

There are certain ingredients you should consider when purchasing skincare products. Depending on the results of your skin quiz or a brief consultation with a dermatologist, there will be ones to look for and ones to steer clear of. Begin by examining the products you already have to see if they include any harmful ingredients. You may be surprised by how many products contain alcohol and fragrances or other irritants that could be damaging your skin instead of helping. If buying anything new, choose natural pigments for cosmetics and skincare products. A tip that goes both with products for your body and that you consume is the fewer ingredients overall, the better.

Clean Out Your Products, Makeup, and Brushes

Those brushes applicators and sponges you are using every morning can harbor lots of bacteria and cause the blemishes you are trying to cover up. Get into the habit of cleaning all your tools with either a makeup cleaning solution or simple soap and hot water every week.

DIY Face Masks

This is the fun part. If you are unable to stock up on your favorite products, now is the perfect time to get creative and try some home remedies. There are endless mixtures and masks that can target specific qualities you may want to achieve. All can be made with materials found in your home and kitchen. 

Stay Active

It’s essential to stay active even if your gym is still closed. Getting your heart rate up for an extended period will deliver oxygen and nutrients your skin needs to produce collagen and new skin cells. While people often think sweat is terrible for their skin, the water, minerals, and salt are a mild natural exfoliant. Additionally, sweating helps purge your skin of bacteria, dirt, oils, and toxins in your body.

Get Your Beauty Sleep

Sleep is an integral part of skincare and hopefully, the easiest part of skincare to work on from home. You may not know that the skin is the largest organ in the body, so it deserves a good TLC dose. When you sleep, your body is given a chance to regenerate. The increase in blood flow helps repair daily damage from any UV exposure, and collagen production is in full swing. 

Hopefully, you will take advantage of some of these tips and the extra time spent indoors and begin reinventing your skincare. Paired with the foundation of a good routine that you can carry on in any circumstance, these tips should have your plump, rosy, and refreshed each morning.

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