Staying In Touch With Friends During Lockdown

While the first wave of COVID-19 shows signs of passing, it could be a long time before our lives return to true normality. Unfortunately, the ability to see our friends in recreational settings may be one of the last items on the list. Ultimately, those decisions are made for our health, but that doesn’t make the situation any less stressful. The only way to survive is to ensure that you stay in touch throughout this difficult period.

It’s important to keep one eye on the post-lockdown rebuilding process. In the meantime, though, those virtual connections are crucial. If the Facebook Messenger and Snapchat conversations are getting a little tedious, these ideas are just for you.

Add A Competitive Nature

Zoom quizzes became the main source of entertainment during the early weeks, and can continue to provide joy. They work for two main reasons – they promote sociability between friendship groups, and they use a competitive nature.

The second of those features is something that can work wonders over the coming months. There are plenty of ways to inject it into your interactions with friends too. Playing intellectual games over smartphones is a particularly popular method. If you get stuck, there are plenty of online tools to unscramble words or help you solve puzzles. However, you should refrain from abusing this system.

Another option is to use fitness tracker Apps to add a competitive nature to your daily jogs or cycling. If your motivation levels have faded in recent weeks, this is the best way to restore it.

Enjoy Shared Experiences

Enjoying a little lighthearted competition isn’t the only way to feel connected despite being apart. Where possible, you should look to enjoy activities together from different locations. Saying with fitness, completing the same home workout at the same time as each other can work wonders.

Perhaps the most popular solution right now is to watch the same films or television shows at the same time. Grab a beer or glass of wine, and you can enjoy the show simultaneously. There are plenty of great series currently streamed online. Some friends enjoy discussing the shows while watching them while others prefer to catch up once the end credits have rolled. The choice is yours.

Video games that offer co-op modes are another popular solution. It’s not quite the same as heading to a music festival, but it keeps you connected.

Work On A Joint Project

Opportunities to relax and enjoy the summer are somewhat limited. Nonetheless, this can become a productive time in your lives. As the world of business begins to repair itself, there may be several opportunities to create secondary incomes. Why not start a venture together?

You could launch a blog or YouTube channel on a subject you both feel passionately about. Or you may want to start an eCommerce business. Depending on the nature of the venture, it may be necessary to use this time for planning and branding rather than selling. Even so, those productive steps are far better than baking more loaves of bread.

Aside from supporting both of you through this difficult moment, it could be the key to building a brighter future. What more incentive could you need?

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