The Ultimate Guide To Staying Fit During The Pandemic

When the coronavirus induced lockdown descended, many people reached for the crisps, chocolate and fat-laden foods as a form of comfort. Life has changed immeasurably in such a short space of time, which means that our mental health has taken something of a hit. Even those people who rarely let anything get to them have found anxiety creeping into their everyday existence. No longer can you head out for dinner with friends, you can’t catch the latest blockbuster at the cinema, and you can’t hit the gym to get your endorphin fix pumping iron or doing a session on the cross-trainer.

For some people, the excuse of not having to go to the gym has been a blessing, but for many gym bunnies, not being able to access fitness classes and equipment has been pretty devastating. You may have been working towards a fitness goal, or you might have been trying to lose weight before Covid-19 put a halt to your weekly Zumba class. Don’t use the pandemic as an excuse not to keep fit. Take a look at how you can stay trim during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Get on your bike

If you haven’t ridden a bike since you were a child, now might be the time to get back on two wheels. Cycling can be the ultimate way to keep fit, enjoy the outdoors and keep socially distant to others. Being outdoors is excellent for your mental well being in any case. Being amongst greenery, nature and allowing the sun’s rays to hit your skin can release your happy hormone dopamine and negate the effects of the stress hormone, cortisone.

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As lockdown is easing, up to six people can meet outdoors if they remain two metres apart at all times. This has resulted in some personal trainers getting creative with their workouts. People have been meeting up in parks and wide expanses of greenery where there is plenty of space to enjoy a workout. You could enquire with your gym buddies to see if any outdoor workout classes are taking place. Staying in your own area and working on your own fitness amongst friends and with a motivating class teacher in front of you can help you to feel a little bit more normal once again. It can be difficult to quell your anxious feelings during the coronavirus pandemic, but getting outside and staying fit can help no end.

Stay indoors

If you don’t fancy heading outdoors for your fitness fix, stay indoors and take advantage of the array of free online vlog sessions that gyms, personal trainers and celebrities have posted. Go onto YouTube, and you can take part in the PE sessions that Joe Wicks is posting for the children currently off school. Don’t assume that the sessions are easy just because they are for little people. Joe Wicks will help you get your sweat on and have a challenging half-hour cardio workout.

You could also take a look at the more gentle and relaxing forms of exercise. Yoga has become very popular since lockdown began. Because yoga focuses on your frame of mind, your breathing and your thought processes as well as your posture and core strength, you get a great balance of exercise and wellness in one. There is an array of free online beginner sessions. Don’t think that yoga is the realm of hippies, incense and chanting – it is so much more than this. You’ll be surprised at how much you sweat and how much you ache the day after. A good yoga session should help you clear your mind of negative thoughts, relieve your anxiety and tone up your muscles.

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Eat well

Exercise isn’t the only thing that you can do to stay fit and keep healthy. It’s all too easy to pick up those biscuits because they are on offer in the supermarket or going for the pizza rather than the healthier pasta option because you feel for something comforting.

Because we cannot go out for dinner or grab a takeaway, we miss the social activity of having someone else cook for us and dining in fine surroundings. Instead, we have to cook for ourselves. We might grow tired of this and reach for convenience foods rather than healthier grub. Many restaurants have got into the lockdown spirit and have chosen to release some of their recipes. Pizza Express has an online guide on how to cook up their margherita and Wagamama have told the world how to make their katsu curry at

You could also use this time in lockdown to have a look at your old favourite recipe books and rustle up some gastronomic feasts. If you are keen to stay healthy go for some Chinese stir-fries with lean meats and fish. Consider some plant-based eating to limit your meat intake and lower the calories that you are consuming. Banish those snacks and sugar-laden goodies for a little while and swap them for fruit, nuts and healthier bakes. With a healthier diet, you can maintain your weight, feel fitter and lift your mood.

Don’t think that you have to succumb to lockdown stagnancy. Instead, follow this guide and stay active and fit during the coronavirus pandemic.

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