5 Ways You Can Reduce Your Dog’s Anxiety

There are a number of dogs of specific breeds out there that feel fear and anxiety every day. There are many reasons for this. For example, they might have separation anxiety and not like to spend time alone. They may be fearful of fireworks or loud noises. They may have anxiety  due to malnutrition which can lead to health problems. For this specific reason, it is highly recommended to add natural supplements to their food. Supplements can help not only for coping  with anxiety but also for keeping your dog healthy and fit. A great source of nutrients and vitamins like LivelyPaws products are proven to help dogs stay in the best possible shape. No matter what the reason is, there are things you can do if your furry friend suffers from anxiety on a regular basis. Let’s take a look.  

Buy a Thundershirt

Have you heard about a Thundershirt? This is a garment for your canine that has been successful for many dogs that suffer from anxiety at home. The idea is that it uses compression to relax your pup, similar to swaddling a baby. This could be what your furry friend needs when there is a storm or fireworks outside.

Play Music

If your canine is scared of loud noises, such as cars, storms or fireworks, you might be able to distract them to take away their fear. For example, some canines respond well to playing music. Not only can this drown out the loud noises, but it can also help to calm them. In particular, classical music and nature sounds work well for dogs. If this does not work on its own, you can also try playing with your pooch and taking their mind off the noise. With the music in the background, this might help.

Start Crate Training

Is your dog crate trained? This can be a great way to calm your pet down. Dogs have always liked to have their own dens. They feel safe sleeping there and they can snuggle up and keep warm at night. This is how they can use their crate once they are trained. They see it as their own space where they can go to relax. Do not forget to put their favorite bed and blankets into their crate to encourage them to go there for some space. Check woof blankets for an adorable and cozy blanket for your pooch.

Use Pheromone Diffusers

Consider using pheromone diffusers around your home to calm down your dog. When a mother dog is nursing her new puppies, she will release a pheromone that is known to calm them down and encourage them to nap. Indeed, using this type of diffuser might help your pooch settle down when you are out of the home or during loud noises. For example, you can check out pheromone diffusers by Adaptil. There are also similar pheromone products, such as a collar, which can be worn if your canine is anxious or fearful when going outside.

You can also buy broad spectrum CBD for dogs online, if you check Dogtor Dani’s website from there you can see which is the best CBD oil for dogs.

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Ask Your Vet

Sometimes, it may be best to ask your veterinarian for advice. The anxiety your dog is feeling might be affecting their daily life too much. In this case, prescription medication might be recommended to your pup. This is like Xanax for your furry friend. For example, Sileo is commonly used for anxiety, working to help block out norepinephrine, which is referred to as the fear chemical.

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