Tech to Upgrade Your At Home Workouts

By Uma Campbell

The current COVID-19 pandemic has forced many people to rethink and retool their workout routines. Gyms around the world are closed or operating with minimal capacity, but with a global health crisis, it is more important than ever to stay in good health. When you can’t go to the gym anymore, most people turn to home workouts. Working out at home is entirely possible, but it can present unique challenges. Most people do not have gym equipment in their homes, nor do they have the space or money to order equipment. Without access to your regular machines and equipment, you might be at a loss, but there are plenty of ways you can effectively and efficiently work out at home. Use modern gadgets that won’t take up your entire house or drain your savings to work out from home. With some creativity and technology, you can achieve a quality workout without leaving your house. 

Online Or Free Workout Programs

There are many programs available online if you are unsure how to start working out from home. Some workout programs are free while others, you pay per class, or for a subscription to access a wide selection of classes. You can easily find any online program to suit your needs and available gear. There is no shortage of programs that only use body weight and have no required equipment so you can workout anytime. You can also look for independent fitness content creators. Some martial arts YouTube channels also have online training academies, so you take classes from home if traditional workouts do not interest you. 

You can also adopt the most classic free workout and go for a run. Put on your wireless headphones, turn up the music, and run around your neighborhood. Exercising while listening to music has been shown to increase your energy and help you push past your wall on long runs. Put on gentle music for yoga sessions at home and faster-paced music when you are trying to improve your mile time. Music is a good type of distraction that can let you focus on something other than how tired you are. Use music to check out of the world and worries for a bit while you work up a good sweat. 

Fitness Tracker

While you are working out, you want to make sure you are working as hard as you think you are. It can be easy to give yourself a pass and become lax about pushing yourself during workouts. Even outside of exercises, if you aren’t tracking your performance and health information, you have no way to tell if you are making progress. Fitness Trackers solve these problems by giving you specific information about you, your health, and your workouts. The information your fitness tracker provides is dependent on your chosen model, but most fitness trackers will monitor your heart rate and calories burned during a workout. Some trackers are also waterproof so it can track and analyze your swimming workouts. 

Enhanced Recovery

After you are done with your workout, it is time to recover. Your body needs time to cool down and relax after pushing through a workout. Recovery is generally a simple process, but the Theragun has added new possibilities to recovery. Instead of fighting with foam rollers or tennis balls, the Theragun uses percussion to help tired, tight, or sore muscles. You may think the handheld percussion therapy tool is overkill, but it can make a big difference. There are a range of different Thereguns with features and price points to suit everyone’s needs.  

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Proper Water Bottle

Water is essential before, during, and after working out. Your daily water intake is vital, and you should track how much water you drink. Drinking a glass of water is good, but you don’t know how much water you just consumed. Measuring exactly how much water you drink can be tricky if you don’t have a measured water bottle. Most water bottles list their maximum volume, but better water bottles include measurements on the bottle or have additional features that elevate them above a simple fluid container. At the very least, find a water bottle with the maximum volume on the bottle. You can also upgrade to a bottle with a UV LED light that kills germs or double insulation to keep your drinks cold. 

Working out from home is a fantastic way to stay healthy while staying home. Use gadgets and modern technology to make your home workouts even better. Choose from an unending selection of online programs or put on some music and go for a run. A fitness tracker will help you monitor your progress both during workouts and week to week. Level up your recovery with the Theragun and by drinking enough water by tracking your daily intake with a measured bottle. 

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