So You Think You Want a Tiny House

Tiny homes are a trend that is seriously catching on with America recently. Even though sales of tiny homes constitute less than 1% of the real estate revenues in the country, their predominance on TV and the internet is quite noticeable.

So how tiny do you want your tiny home to be? Even though anything less than 600 square feet can be considered tiny, people build tiny homes that are 150 square feet, or even less to fit them on trailer beds. Although downsizing one’s house by up to 70% or more seems a bit severe, most tiny homeowners state that their lives are happier than before.

Whether or not you have made up your mind about a tiny home, here are a few advantages that might help you make up your mind.

Build a Custom Home

While they can be a bit more expensive, a custom tiny home is without a doubt, the dream for just about every future tiny homeowner. Just make sure you do business with a proven tiny home builder with a track record of success. Tiny home builders offer their expertise to transform your creative dreams of personal living space into reality. You will have complete control over the designing and layout of your tiny home. You can rely on your powers of imagination or take ideas from the internet to express yourself in your surroundings.

The best thing about tiny homes is that they often do not fall under the minimum size definitions mentioned in the housing code regulations throughout the country. That means there are very few laws and regulations that can stop you from customizing your tiny house the way you want to. You can build your home to support your passions, hobbies, or choice of lifestyle, and there’s no one stopping you. Having said it, you need to be aware of the very few regulations that you have to adhere to, especially regarding the zoning of tiny houses.

Save a Lot of Money

Even though tiny houses may seem costly per square feet, owning one means that you don’t have to hand a lifetime of earnings over to the mortgage company that lent you the money to buy a house. Not to mention you can sleep peacefully knowing that they can’t screw you over a clause written in the small texts of the contract. You will need less amount of heating or cooling and less maintenance. You will also need to spend less on property taxes. Most tiny homeowners can afford premium quality material to build and decorate their tiny houses because the quantity of those materials required is so less. You can put expensive counters, tiles, real wood on the walls and beams, all for much less cost than a regular-sized house.

Live Close to Nature

Most people choose to live in a tiny house to stay more in touch with nature. You can have a better garden space to grow plants or vegetables of your choice. Or you can choose to stay near a pond, a river or right next to the ocean. Living closer to nature not only has a tremendous effect on your health and lifestyle, but it also feels nourishing for the soul.

Many tiny homes are built as mobile homes, which means that you can take the luxury of your own house anywhere you want. You can fulfill your dreams of travel on new stretches of roads leading to new destinations whenever you want.  

Living in tiny houses also means giving back to the environment. Using fewer resources and utilities not only saves you money, but it saves nature as well. Many tiny house neighborhoods produce their electricity with solar panels, use common infrastructures such as vehicles, swimming pools, gardening areas, and much more. Living in a tiny house means that you can enjoy a great quality of life while leaving a much smaller carbon footprint.

Connect More With Your Loved Ones

Life in tiny houses ensures that you stay closer to your partner or children. Instead of burying your faces on your phone’s screens, your tiny home can give you better avenues to share your lives. You can have a lot of activities inside or outside your tiny house. You can cook an outdoor dinner together on the BBQ, or lie down under countless stars. You can have a hammock outside or have an outdoor dining room with camping chairs and tables. The possibilities are endless to connect more with the ones you love in your tiny home.

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