5 Foods That You Must Try on Your Trip to the Outer Banks, NC

The “Outer Banks” of North Carolina makes the perfect beach vacation spot for a number of reasons.

From breathtakingly beautiful beaches to the water sports clubs and lighthouses, the Outer Banks have something for everyone, even for the love of food that tourists arrive with.

Whether you wish to have a sweet treat or turn your tastes upside down with some spice, you’ll find some of the best food around. To get you started, here are some of our favorites …

1. Duck Donuts, Corolla

Duck Donuts is one of the sweetest places around the Outer Banks for anyone who wants to have a donut or two after lunch, dinner, or breakfast.

It opened in 2007, and since then, they have been serving warm donuts filled with all the love and sweetness, straight out of Duck, North Carolina.

Here’s the menu card so you can get an idea of what is in for you.

2. Crab Benedict from Sam and Omie’s in Nags Head, NC

It’s probably one of the smallest restaurants that you may find in and around OBX. However, the taste is unmatched, as evidenced by all the locals eating there.

The Crab Benedict is unbelievably delicious. However, if you are a person who loves to explore, rest assured – at Sam and Omie’s, you are safe with all new foods as no matter what you order; you won’t regret it.

And if you have found yourself in one of our favorite Nags Head rentals accommodation, you are in luck. You wouldn’t have to travel miles to reach it.

3. Frogmore Stew Steamer Bucket from Armstrong’s Seafood in Nags Head, NC

Any seafood fans here? Here’s a finger-licking good treat for you.

This is something that you pack and take away to your oceanfront and enjoy with your family and friends. It includes crab legs, shrimp, potatoes and is sprinkled over with corn. The recipe is created so that the dish may come out as spicy as you like. A perfect dinner meal.

So, find yourself some time, hop on to Armstrong’s Seafood in Nags Head and grab your delicious bucket of Frogmore Stew Steamer. It’s almost guaranteed to keep bringing you back.

4. Lobster Mac and Cheese from Pamlico Jack’s in Nags Head, NC

And here’s an appetizer that every seafood lover must try at least once. The Lobster Mac and Cheese is a delicious dish, that’s everything you’ll hope it is. If you arrive a little early, you may even get to witness the beautiful sunset with your loved ones.

In case you want to enjoy your meal in your room, take away options are also available at the restaurant.

5. Ice Cream Cones and Sundaes from Scammell’s Corner Surf Shop and Ice Cream Parlor

This is a perfect place to enjoy a good bike ride with your friends and family, and when you get tired, stop here. Like several others on this list, this one is also located in Nag Head. Indeed, getting a vacation rental in this location will unlock a number of food opportunities for you and your group.

Also, if you are lucky, you may come across the singing ice-cream seller. He even accepts song suggestions, so have your number in mind.

If you are planning a trip to North Carolina’s Outer Banks, you do not want to miss the amazing food. These should get you started, but are far from the only to explore.

Hope you have a great time on your trip.

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  • My fiance and I are planning a trip to the outer banks this autumn, and we can’t wait to eat all the crab! We even ordered some to eat this weekend because we’re so excited.

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