5 Benefits of Sleeping with Your Dog

By Leo Wilson

Our dogs are cuddly and we love them, but once they receive same-bed status, will they think that they’ve become our equals in the pack hierarchy? Are they disruptive sleep partners? Will they bring germs (or worse) into the bed?

Approximately half of all dog owners report that they sleep with their pups. Who can resist the puppy eyes, wagging tail, and the pleading to jump into your bed? 

Why even have a fluffy bed full of pillows and blanketed by a snuggly duvet if you’re not going to share it all with your best friend?! Turns out there may be more than a few perks to letting your favorite fur friend cuddle up with you at night.

Here Are Five Benefits Of Sleeping With Your Dog:


You and your pooch adore one another. Unless he’s gigantic and takes up the entire bed or kicks in his sleep, it’s nice to have him with you in your bed. 

According to the American Kennel Club, the benefits of sleeping with your canine outweigh the disadvantages. Co-sleeping concerns and solutions will be covered later in this article.

Cuddly and Warm

That furry body is nice and toasty on a cold night, especially if you have a dog with lovely, fluffy silky fur like a Pomsky dog or Afghan hound. Your pooch soothes you and improves your ability to fall and remain asleep.

PetMD also states that sleeping with our dogs makes both parties very happy. You love having her there, and sleeping in with their person’s bed gives your pup a happy sleep experience as well.

Bonding Time

You’re separated during the day while you’re at work or out at night. You can tap into quality together time while dreaming next to one another.

Non-pharmacological Comfort

Dogs help individuals suffering from sleeping issues, stress, chronic pain, loneliness, anxiety and depression to relax and sleep well. One study used fitness trackers to measure dog and human sleep quality while together in bed, and found that both slept better together than apart.

Veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker explains that when you are with your beloved pet, your body produces the hormone oxytocin which makes you feel content and comfortable while lowering your heart rate. 

She also states that people and pets rarely spread illnesses to each other. Also, Becker asserts that sleeping with your dog will not cause her to think she’s an alpha and misbehave.

Feeling Safe

Canines guard and protect us. Their keen senses of smell and hearing awake them instantly if something is wrong.

Considerations and Solutions


If you are allergic to canines, you might feel like you’re sleeping in a sea of dander and could find yourself sneezing all night. Neither of you will sleep well. Choose a low dander-producing dog or you’ll need to get shots or take allergy medicine.

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If you want to sleep with Rover, you need to make sure he’s clean and parasite free. You can use those tools to make sure your dog is free from fleas. Baths, dry shampoo and brushing will ensure that Fido is a fresh ball of fur and human bed-ready. 


If your dog hogs the bed or moves around a lot, you can always put doggie beds right next to yours. Co-sleeping products, similar to those for babies, allow dogs to be attached to the human bed without being in the middle of it.  

A Few Final Thoughts

You have permission from canine experts to snuggle with your pup every night in your bed. They seem to be saying that it’s healthier than not to have your precious pet in bed!

The five benefits of sleeping with your dog are based on scientific facts and studies.

Enjoy your fur buddy’s companionship, protection, body heat, adoration and ability to make you produce oxytocin every night. 

You might also want to purchase matching pajamas. 

About the Author

Leo Wilson graduated from a university major in animal health and behavior. He had over a decade of experience working in the pet industry and has contributed many dogs and pet-related articles to several websites before he decided to start sharing his knowledge on his own blog – CyberPet.com. And when he is not busy working, he and his wonderful wife love spending time at home with their 3 dogs and 2 cats.

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