5 Tips On Surviving A Break-up

Going through a break-up is never easy. You were busy planning your whole future together and out of the blue, your whole world comes tumbling down around you. Perhaps, someone cheated or maybe spending so much time together (or alone) during lockdown forced you (or him) to reassess. Maybe it was him that dumped you or it could have even been a mutual thing. Whatever the case, break-ups sure do hurt.

And of course, people will offer you those age-old platitudes such as ‘there are plenty more fish in the sea’  and ‘time heals everything’ and sure, they mean well. But the truth is, life is going to suck for a little while — and that’s OK! We’ve all been through it and there are a few tried and tested ways that you can kick-start that healing process and make things feel at least somewhat better. So here goes.

Surround Yourself With People That Love You

Of course, it’s going to be normal to miss your former significant other but that shouldn’t stop you from shifting your focus to other relationships in your life. Spend quality time with your family and go out with friends. Sometimes they’ll be there to talk it out with you and be a shoulder to cry on, and other times they’ll provide fun distractions. Regardless, they’ll remind you that there is still plenty of love left in your life.

Throw Yourself Into A New Hobby

Speaking of distractions, there is no better time to throw yourself into a new hobby. Always wanted to try knitting or thinking about joining a running club? What better way to fill that void left in your life by a break up than channelling your energy in a positive way and discovering a fun new pastime. And who knows — you might make new friends or discover a new talent out of it!

Indulge and Spoil Yourself

Feeling down? Well, do something to give you a much-needed boost! Spend a spa day with your mum, go out for cocktails with the girls or push the boat out and buy yourself something special like a bit of bling from Love & Promise Jewelers . You could also shop for new outfits to make yourself look and feel incredible using a Banana Republic coupon. So what if they didn’t buy you that engagement ring? It doesn’t stop you from spoiling yourself now.

Spend Some Quality Time Falling In Love With Yourself

Distractions are good and all but there does come a point where you need to be alone in your own headspace in order to process those feelings. Spend some time going through old photos and getting rid of his things. It’s OK to cry! Perhaps journaling will help or writing a break-up letter, telling them how you feel about it all (you don’t necessarily need to send it though!).

Take Some Time To Reflect To Avoid Making The Same Mistakes Again

Don’t jump into the next relationship straight away. Sure, a fling could be fun but nothing great is going to happen when you are still reeling from a break-up. Embrace being single for a bit. Reflect on your mistakes too because a break-up is never one-sided. Seek some impartial expert advice on relationships or read some self-help literature to prevent you from making the same mistakes again.

Getting over a relationship is a long road, so be kind to yourself. Take your time and accept that there will be good days and bad, but taking baby steps each day will help you heal. Be thankful for what has been and what it has taught you. Eventually, things will get better and you’ll start looking towards a brighter future. Good luck!

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