The Rising Importance of Cleanliness and Role of Cleaning Professionals

Cleanliness is an essential factor in any business, regardless of its space, size or location. During the recovery of Covid-19, the demand for cleaning professional arises.

Various studies have shown that cleaning the working environment is related to better performance. A hygienic, sanitized, and regularly cleaned environment is synonymous with comfort and better-performing workers, which has a direct impact on production and final results. Hence, the commercial cleaning services in Miami, FL are essential to create a healthier environment. Here are some more benefits of having a cleaning company.

Why Business Cleaning Is Important

The cleanliness is a crucial factor, and its importance in the fields of work as businesses and offices also has high relevance. Maintaining hygienic issues in the workplace is not only synonymous with the physical and mental health of employees, but represents their values ​​and beliefs, improving their image and efficiency says Sarah Mariam, the operations manager for Cleaning Company in Dubai, a house cleaning services firm in UAE.

In the day-to-day of your company, all workers must focus their mind and efforts on daily and long-term work objectives. They do not include cleaning the workspace (but they do collaborate to avoid unnecessary dirt), which is why you have companies that specialize in cleaning workplaces.

How to carry out a cleaning plan

Companies specialized in cleaning and disinfection are the best way to have a clean space without having to worry about it. It is a monthly investment that will improve the quality of life and working conditions of all the personnel in your company. This cleaning guide can be a good reference because it talks about helping businesses navigate this seemingly simple yet crucial step towards living in a coronavirus era.

A cleaning and disinfection plan acts on all work surfaces such as equipment, floors, walls, ceilings and utensils. Keep offices ventilated, remove debris, dust, clean windows, and vacuum carpets are some of the tasks that should not be missing in this plan.

On the other hand, the type of surfaces, dirt, time and frequency of cleaning required to prevent the growth of microorganisms or toxic compounds. Because over time, it becomes more difficult to eliminate and dangerous for the health of the personnel.

The organization also plays an important role. To improve it, you can include file boxes, the digitization of these, labeling machines to identify them in physical format and with the purchase of wireless peripherals that improve the order and cleanliness of any desktop.

As established in point 6.4 of the ISO 9001: 2008 Work Environment Standard, each company must determine and manage the necessary tools to provide sufficient hygiene both in warehouses and offices. On the other hand, the company must be in charge of activating the essential means of safety, regulating the conditions of temperature, noise, humidity and lighting, maintaining order and cleanliness. Companies also need to encourage the participation of all personnel to support hygiene habit.

Advantages of cleaning in companies

Cleaning is one aspect of running a productive and successful business. The benefits of having a clean and tidy workspace are as follows:

  • Improves productivity: A clean and tidy workspace is more comfortable for your employees since they work more comfortably. Therefore, it improves their productivity. Studies have shown that a polluted and poor working environment can cut productivity in half (meaning loss of money in the medium and long term).
  • Fewer accidents: The safety of any workspace is something that should not be left in the background in any company. The Occupational Accident Prevention Law is obvious regarding the conditions that must exist in each type of company or business. Poor hygienic conditions can, for example, be the cause of a slip or fall. Then, it causes more severe injuries and other accidents. This problem affects not only the worker but also the company, adding days of absent and economic losses.
  • Better health: A polluted environment increases the chances that employees will get sick. A clean workspace is good for your mental and physical health. Like any space where many people circulate, offices accumulate germs and bacteria that can cause illness and the same consequences as in the previous point.
  • Improves the image: Health must be a priority in any company; it defines how the company cares about the workplace. When a client or potential partner visits the company, it should be clean and tidy to make a better impression. Poor hygiene conditions can cause allergies and sneezes in visitors, who will leave with a terrible image of your company, showing little interest in business relationships, irresponsible and unprofessional.

There are many reasons why carry out a Cleaning and Disinfection Plan in your company: among them are health, image, productivity and profits. Now, it is in your hands to start improving this aspect of your organization and renew the image of your business.

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