Genius Ways to Make the Cutest At-Home Coffee Bar

Having a well-made cup of joe in a high street coffee shop is one of life’s simple pleasures, and cafe culture is at an all time high: a recent survey shows that the average 25 to 34-year-old spends over $2,000 a year at coffee shops. But as people are increasingly spending more time at home, many coffee drinkers are now learning how to prepare coffee in different ways. This DIY approach to coffee even sparked the dalgona coffee trend earlier this year, and everyone, from moms to celebrities, have gamely rolled up their sleeves to whip up this frothy coffee confection. If you want to recreate the cafe experience at home, you’ll need more than just a bag of beans and a coffee machine to get the aesthetic and relaxing vibe of your favorite coffee house. To make a dedicated spot for coffee preparation that’s straight out of Pinterest or Instagram, here are some genius ways to create a charming coffee station at home. 

Coffee Bar on Wheels

Most people can’t start their day without having at least one cup of coffee to perk them up. This is why young coffee drinkers are now learning different coffee preparation techniques such as brewing, boiling, or using a French press to make good quality coffee at home. If you’re the type who needs coffee throughout the day, why not consider having a coffee bar on wheels? It’s a great way to enjoy your homemade brew, whether you’re working in your home office or taking a breather in your living room. 

You can get a ready-made multilayered rolling coffee cart in a finish that complements your home’s aesthetics; then fill it with your coffee making tools. Place your coffee maker or French press on the topmost layer, then transfer your creamer and sugar into matching pots, and put them on the top layer as well. Place several coffee mugs or coffee cups and matching saucers on the second layer, as well as some stirrers in a pretty container. The bottom layer can hold your coffee beans and other items, but make sure to place them in an airtight container first. Dress up your cart with a vase of fresh flowers, tiny succulents, or a small framed picture or artwork.

Fixed Coffee Station

If you’d rather have a permanent place for your coffee station, consider having a theme for it. If you want to go rustic, place a narrow, wooden table in your kitchen or living room, and place your coffee making equipment on it. Hang a wooden sign out of reclaimed wood on the wall behind the table, then decorate the table with mason jars or double walled mugs. Or go Scandinavian chic and go with an all-white theme, which means having a white table, white mugs, and white creamer and sugar pots. Decorate your minimalist setup with a single potted plant and your favorite candle to add a cozy, hygge factor to your coffee station. Adding art work or signs drawn on mini chalkboards can also enhance the look of your coffee bar, no matter what theme you choose to go with. 

A coffee station can make your daily caffeine habit more enjoyable while you’re at home. Consider these ideas to make a charming coffee bar at home and see what works best to enhance your coffee experience.

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