Outside Renovation Projects to Do As Summer Ends

By Uma Campbell

The summertime is the perfect season to spend more time outside, but your outdoor space might not be ready to enjoy the warm weather. If you want to enjoy your outdoor space this summer– whether it be a balcony, terrace, patio, or full back yard– now is the perfect time to undertake a home renovation project. Create your ideal space with a variety of renovation and improvement projects to enjoy this summer and fall in style and comfort. You also do not need to break the bank to build a personal outdoor oasis. Small changes can make a world of difference, or you can go big depending on what you want to achieve and your budget. 

Outdoor Appliances

Adding outdoor appliances is a simple way to add new functionality to your outdoor space. Most outdoor appliances do not require electricity and instead use a conventional fuel like propane. Propane containers can power appliances like firepits, outdoor grills, and even generators for home use. A permanently installed propane generator can power your entire house for a few days in the event of a prolonged power outage, even if it does not enhance your outdoor aesthetics. For more fun installations, consider adding a firepit you could entertain your friends and family around or a grill to open up new cooking possibilities. There is a range of grill and firepit options to suit any size and budgetary requirements. 

Add Lighting

The summertime can be a fantastic season, but it can also be unbearably hot. To beat the summer beat, you may want to spend time outdoors once the sun has set, but you will need outdoor lights for that. Instead of fighting with electrical cables and increasing your monthly energy bill, opt for outdoor solar lights. 

Outdoor solar lights use the same technology as roof-mounted solar panels but on a much smaller scale. A small solar panel sits on top of the solar lamp or a post connected to the lights. That solar panel will absorb sunlight throughout the day and use the generated energy to power the connected lights at night. You can buy individual solar lights on a ground stake to light garden paths or plant beds, while solar string lights are perfect for providing soft and dreamy overhead light. Solar lights offer the best flexibility if you want to painlessly add lighting to your outdoor area without raising your energy bill. 

Refresh With Paint

No one wants to spend time in a space they don’t like. By making your outdoor space more visually appealing, you will want to spend more time there and actually enjoy your space. Sometimes all you need to spruce up your outdoor area is a fresh coat of paint. Retouching a faded or chipped paint job can breathe new life into the space. You can also change the entire feel of an area by changing the colors of key focal points. Painting the outside of your house can usher in a new feeling and improve your overall curb appeal by using color theory. You can simply paint over your existing colors and siding or take on a larger project to redo the texture of your house with all new siding as well. If you don’t want to change your home’s color, repainting outdoor furniture can still make a significant difference. 

New Vegetation

Plants are one of the quintessential hallmarks of an outdoor space. Adding plants and flowers can liven up a space and make it feel like home, but gardening is not appealing or an option for everyone. Even if you lack a green thumb or the space for a full garden, there are still easy ways to add greenery to your outdoor spaces. Balcony gardens are famous for apartment dwellers, and low maintenance plants are ideal for people with no interest in caring for needy vegetation. With the proper research, you can find plants that will work for your needs, climate, and interests. 

Summer is the perfect season to spend outside, but your outdoor space might need some revamping before you can truly relax. You can take significant steps and add new appliances or redo the siding on your house for more significant changes. However, smaller changes, like adding lights and new plants, can also elevate your space. Take the time to make an outdoor space that is ideal for you and suits your needs to relax this summer. 

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