Top 5 Career Choices For Women Right Now

Making the right career choice can positively influence you plus those around you easily. Whether you are a recent graduate or looking for a change in careers, you must be meticulous in selecting a promising career. In a bid to attain gender equality; women tend to face unique challenges in their day-to-day jobs. There are detrimental corporate policies, sexist colleagues, and managerial staff with prejudice against women.

By selecting a well-paying job, women can be at the forefront of success in their lives. It is key to write a resume that will make you stand out from others so you can land the best position. The compensation varies depending on the roles, recruiter, and industry, as well as experience, age, and ethnicity. However, these are the top five jobs for women in 2020:

Chief Executive

Chief Executives plan, facilitate, coordinate, and supervise a company’s operations. Their main aim is to ensure that the company achieves its goals. CEOs work in different industries, whether public or private. 

They earn the highest paid salary compared to different managerial positions. However, they are required to work for most prolonged hours.

  • Average Annual Earnings: $99,800
  • Number of Women In The Field: 313,000


The main role of a pharmacist is to dispense and manage medications to patients who have been given a prescription by a doctor. They are also instrumental in offering sound advice on the type of drug usage.  

Pharmacists have the versatility to work from different locations. They can work from a grocery store, drug store pharmacy, or a hospital. Pharmacists should obtain a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and proper licensing. 

  • Average Annual Earnings: $95,368
  • Number of Women In The Field: 147,000

Nurse Practitioner

Female nurses are in high demand throughout the years simply because of their nurturing nature. Nurse practitioners are responsible for taking care of patients in collaboration with physicians. They provide their patients with primary and secondary healthcare. Nurses are also called Advanced Practice Registered Nurses who usually have a master’s degree in the field plus proper licensing.

Getting started in a nursing career might be easier than you think. You can acquire an Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) program to become a nurse sooner. It takes a year to complete the program. Earning this degree gives you an advantage in the job market.

If you wish to take an ABSN program, you may click here to view some of the universities offering accredited online courses across the nation. You can also choose from the various specializations in order to venture into a career path that suits your career goals, background, and interests best.

Specializing allows you to hone clinical skills in a specific area or field. It also allows you to choose from a wide range of working environments and receive a competitive salary as you continue to gain experience. Some of the available nursing specialties include;

  • Labor and delivery nurses
  • Hospice nurses
  • Infection control
  • Geriatrics specialist
  • Clinical development and
  • Home-based health care

As a qualified professional, you will be highly regarded with immense demand from different companies. Once you obtain valid experience, you will not lack one bit in the profession.

  • Average Annual Earnings: $95,300
  • Number of Women In The Field: 129,000

If you’re considering pursuing a career in this noble profession or are a fresh nursing graduate, consider exploring all your options on industry-focused job finding platforms such as NurseBuffs, PRN nursing as well as joining nursing associations in your city and attending workshops to meet with other nursing professionals and growing your network.

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Lawyers have a wide range of responsibilities. It’s a great career path for individuals who would like to counsel and represent clients, businesses, government organizations, and non-profit with regards to legal issues. For one to become a lawyer, they only need to finish a four-year degree. 

Attorneys can work in a variety of locations and not just the courtroom. They can work for a government institution, advocacy groups, private companies with law firms, non-profit organizations, and large or small companies.

  • Average pay annually:  $91,000
  • Number of Women In The Field: 337,000


There are so many IT companies mushrooming rapidly globally. This translates to an increase in demand for job opportunities. Young women can pursue a degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, and Cyber Security to get a job in the IT sector. 

The IT world is very dynamic; new things are being developed every day. You can choose a role that you would like to specialize in. You can opt for gaming, IT solutions for businesses, designing software, or even working on the internet.

  • Average Annual Earnings: $84,708
  • Number of Women In This Field: 165,000


Women have a lot of potential today. There are more career options right now for women than ever before. You must select a career path that will pay you not only well but also not compromise on your roles. With a plethora of options available, it can be quite daunting to pick a perfect job, but the options above will give you ample guidance.

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