7 Unique Birthday Ideas To Win Your Soulmate’s Heart

Is your soulmate’s birthday around the corner and you don’t know what to do? Here are seven awesome ideas you can use to give your love a memorable birthday experience. 

Treasure Hunt 

Set up a treasure hunt for your soulmate. Begin by planning the kind of gifts you want to give them and make sure they have a personalized feel to it. This will make the hunt even more special. With each gift, add a clue that continues the chase and plan the route from where you want it to begin to the end.  

Select the specific location where you want the gifts to be placed. Get helpers included like your neighbors and friends. But make sure that the gifts are sealed well enough so that they don’t get wet or ruined in case it rains. Also, add some ground rules so that your partner doesn’t cheat! And lastly, save all the best gifts for the end. 

Classic Diamond Jewelry

Classic diamond jewelry can be a stunning gift. You can buy diamond jewelry and let your soulmate know how special they are. In case you want it to be even more special, you can add some customization to the jewelry. A piece of custom-made jewelry will make them feel warm and loved. For instance, you can get the initials of your names carved on it or, you can get a special date carved on the jewelry. Either way, jewelry always makes people feel super special. 

Bath Bombs 

Bath bombs may sound like a simple gift but it can make any day better. A lush birthday bath with beautiful scents is something your soulmate deserves. A bath bomb set is going to last them for a long time and each time they use it, they’ll be thinking about you. Plus, bath bombs come in all shapes and colors, so you can choose the pretty ones and build up a beautiful collection for their bath time. It’s an effort that won’t  go without appreciation. 

Birthday Collage

A birthday collage is a perfect walk down the memory lane. If you want to make it extra special, you’ll have to dig a little deeper and work a little harder. You can ask your partner’s parents for old pictures of them. You can even ask their friends and colleagues to offer whatever help they are able to provide.

For instance, they can write slips about certain memories that you can add to the collage. They may also have some pictures that were long forgotten by your soulmate. This can be an awesome way of letting your soulmate know that you love their past as much as you love their presents. 

Surprise Trip

To plan the ultimate birthday trip, you’ll need to begin early. Choose a destination that will fit the birthday mood as well as the budget. Use a secret email address, one that your soulmate isn’t aware of, to make your bookings so you can keep it a surprise.

Also, don’t use a shared credit card for the payments. You don’t even want them to get a hint. You can even choose connecting flights rather than non-stop flights to keep them guessing the destination. And finally, pack their clothes and don’t forget the essentials they’d need. 

Surprise Dinner

We all love a surprise dinner made by our partner. A homemade birthday dinner would be the epitome of warmth and love. Try to think about what your soulmate loves to eat. It would be even better if you could evoke the memories of the food they loved when they were a kid. 

Praise Jar

A praise jar is always a wonderful way to let your soulmate know how special they are. You can ask your friends, their friends, parents, siblings, and colleagues to add praises they have for your partner. Let your soulmate read those after a hearty birthday dinner. One of the best things about a praise jar is that it kicks away the birthday blues and leaves only happy thoughts behind. It’s a very therapeutic gift overall. 

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