Natural Skincare Ingredients You Need to Know About That Slow the Signs of Aging

Sometime after my 30th birthday my bathroom drawers started to look like a graveyard of barely used skincare products. I was spending a fortune trying any and all big name moisturizers, toners, serums, and cleansers to try and combat my increasingly dry skin. Yet every time I slathered on another top selling and highly reviewed product, my skin rejected it. I’d get patches of skin flaking like I had a terrible sunburn, and my face felt– and looked– inflamed. I tried a Vitamin C serum once and my face felt like I’d dipped it into a volcano. Anything not rooted in natural ingredients made my skin throw a hissy fit. 

That’s why I began my quest to find the best face serum I could that harnesses nature’s power to create gentle but powerful skin solutions that could be an ally to my skin instead of a nemesis. I’ve found that when I utilize things that have natural ingredients like flowers, fruits, honey, and herbs that I can manage my dryness and balance my skin tone. For too long I’ve had to focus exclusively on finding products that don’t burn my sensitive skin and haven’t been able to concern myself with looking for the best anti aging face cream to establish a preventative routine that is much needed in my 30s.

Fortunately, that has finally changed and I’ve found a few natural ingredients that I constantly look to help me keep my skin looking as dewy as it did in my early twenties. 

Spilanthes Flower Extract

It’s fair if you’ve never heard of Spilanthes extract, but it is a miracle worker for your skin. This flower can do incredible things for your collagen production, which is a huge component in fighting the anti-aging battle. One company that has taken their spilanthes extract game to the next level is Jurlique – they only harvest the plant when the moon is in Libra, Gemini and Aquarius which helps the flowers, substance, and colour flourish. When you’re looking for the best eye cream, make sure to look for formulas that utilize the spilanthes extract as it will help to create a smoother, more supple and lifted appearance by reducing deep lines and wrinkles.

Horseradish Extract

You can be forgiven if you thought horseradish was just what you put on a sandwich, but it turns out it can do way more for you than just taste good. By harnessing the power of this spicy plant for skincare, it can help smooth the appearance of deep lines to make your skin look smoother, firmer, and younger. That’s why it’s one of the more powerful ingredients to check for when you’re trying to find the  best anti aging night cream – why turn to chemicals when a natural ingredient that’s better for you can do the trick?

Red Clover Extract

With my eternally dry skin, I’m always on the lookout for the best facial cleanser that won’t dry my skin out before I even begin the rest of my skincare routine. Oftentimes I find that when I’m not using the right base products, my skin can’t even absorb the moisturizers. That’s why I like to look for ingredients that can help the big hitters like hyaluronic acid seep in and actually penetrate my epidermis. Red clover extract is one of those natural ingredients that has been scientifically proven to help enhance hyaluronic acid’s ability to hydrate your skin, and even help smooth the appearance of fine wrinkles. 

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By focusing on more natural ingredients in my skincare routine, I’ve seen a world of difference in the health of my skin. I’m no longer throwing away nearly full bottles of cleansers and moisturizers because even the gentlest were burning my skin. My face isn’t peeling in the middle of the summer as if it’s the driest part of winter. Just like I feel healthier when I’m not eating processed foods filled with unpronounceable chemicals, my skin feels younger, fresher, and more radiant when I feed it with ingredients found in nature. So next time you’re updating your skincare products, take a closer look at the ingredients and do your face a favor and pick formulas that are a little more in keeping with Mother Nature. 

This post is sponsored by Jurlique.

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