Unexpected Science Careers for Those Who Want to Be in STEM

There are so many people out there going to college to study STEM degrees, but when it comes to women in STEM careers? Well, we’re scarce on the ground, ladies! We grow up with people telling us to be nurses, ballerinas and princesses, and while there is nothing wrong with being a nurse, they tell us this as if we cannot be doctors. They tell us to be ballerinas as if we have the precision to dance, but not to create rockets for NASA. 

There are plenty of valid careers out there that women choose to do, but there is a reason that there are not enough women in STEM careers, and that’s because we are not represented enough. Well, we have to change that. It’s time women get out there to do those careers we’re always told we shouldn’t be doing. Girls, if you’re studying science, it’s time to get to know your options for after your degree. You have a world to change, and you can be a part of it. Let’s check out some of the post-degree career ideas you may not have considered!

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AI & Machine Learning Roles

Digitization is creeping into every industry in the world, and it’s even coming into our homes as we turn to smart access for everything. Professionals in this industry are going to be priceless, and machine learning is the exhilarating change you may want to be a part of. You can be a part of companies that are making machine learning a viable profession, and you can even expand your learning with a Master’s program after your degree.

Pharmaceutical Roles

Whether you go for a full pharmacist position or you learn how to become a dot specimen collector, you can work in the pharmaceutical industry if you have the right degree. The world of medicine is changing quickly, and if you want to jump on the train and be a part of it, the world is out there waiting for you.

Data Science Roles

If you enjoy studying data, and you enjoy the part of your degree that is teaching you how to apply those scientific methods and algorithms to that data, then you will be happy in data science roles. If you’re planning to be a part of a company that requires computer science and data science, you’re going to be well placed with roles in a data science capacity. You may learn how to mine and decode data, which will keep your puzzle-loving brain moving.

Software Designer

This isn’t just reserved for IT degree grads, you know! You can help to create innovative programs and software that benefit the science world. Software design can give you the chance to be imaginative and you and pursue it while you’re studying, too. Specializing in a science field of software designed for scientists and used by them will keep you busy. You need a science degree for this to be a success for you, but you can be a part of big plans to change the world of science!

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Geology Roles

If the earth gets you spinning, you need to look at the geology roles that are available for you. You can specialize in everything to do with rocks, earth and soil, and you will be able to go as far as predicting events like volcanoes and earthquakes, too! It’s a pivotal role to have, as you will play a big part in managing the climate we have today. Your science degree will help you to go a long way when you decide to work in geology, and it’s a different area of science that will allow you to learn different things and remain unique in your field. It’s an underrated area of science, but it’s a profession driven by passion and you can find your role is always needed.

Forensic Pathology

If you are interested in the human body but never coveted becoming a doctor, then forensic pathology could be for you. You could be a doctor that specializes in the dead, and your role would be in helping the police and other lawmakers to determine cause of death and who the criminals are. You may have seen these roles played out on television shows before, but there’s nothing that compares to the actual role of ensuring that someone’s family gets justice for a crime that caused their death.

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Medical & Technical Writer

Some people with science degrees lean more towards the content consumption side of science. Technical writing is a huge field, with more and more people specializing in their sector to create content and opinions based on that field. You can be a freelance writer or you can work for a company who will tell you what they need you to write. You will usually be paid per word, and this can  grow as you become better in your role. A science degree is needed in this profession, as a level of understanding is an absolute must so that you can be better at what you do. Writers will find that they need to understand certain terminology in technical writing, and it’s something that only scientists will understand.


Many children dream about being astronauts and working for NASA, but it doesn’t have to just be a dream. You can be the starry-eyed stargazer working in chemistry and physics for outer space. Study the stars and learn about cosmic matter, and apply your degree to this field. 

Girls in STEM careers need to have more role models, and if you can be one of those, why not? Your science degree could inspire someone else to dream big and look to the stars, and you can be whatever you want to be. A science degree opens a lot of doors for you, so don’t be afraid to walk through them and become something amazing. The world is your oyster, go and be the pearl!

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