6 Tips For Staying Fit Outside the Gym

While putting time in at your local gym can be a fantastic way to stay in shape, it can become a little mundane and, even boring, over time. To keep your exercise regime interesting and exciting, it’s important to find unique ways to mix up your workouts to keep them fun and appealing. 

From taking to the streets on your roller skates to joining a yoga class or going for a hike with your mates, there is no limit to ways you can stay fit, without the need for a gym. If you are a gym-fanatic, and you want to keep up your usual routine, then why not consider implementing some of our ideas for staying fit outside the gym into your existing schedule. Whether you choose to replace or supplement your gym sessions with these exercises, finding ways to change-up your workouts will help you to stay on track towards your fitness goals. 

Let’s take a look at just a few ways that you can stay fit outside of the gym for complete fitness freedom. 


Roller-skating has seen a recent resurgence in popularity with people of all ages. Not only does roller-skating offer a great cardio workout, but it gives your core a fantastic workout and helps to improve coordination too. Roller skating is a fun sport to consider, and there are so many surprising health benefits that come with taking it up. Depending on the ages of your children, you can buy them roller skates for kids and make them join you in skating.. Regardless of your age, or abilities, roller-skating is a fun way to stay in shape and a great way to spend time bonding with your friends and family. 

Try A Yoga Class

For a workout that will help with your strength, flexibility, endurance and cardio goals, yoga is a must! Yoga classes are available in studios all over the country with many teachers offering pop-up outdoor classes so you can enjoy your sun salutations in the sunshine! Not only will yoga help you to realise your physical fitness goals, but it is has been proven to help with your mental health too

Go Hiking

Australia is home to some of the most spectacular scenery anywhere in the world and hiking is the perfect way to enjoy it. Whether you choose to embark on one of the country’s great coastal walks, explore the bush or head for the mountains, there is no shortage of trails to choose from. Round up your mates, pull on your boots and get out there and hit the trails to stay in shape. 

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Run To Fitness

While you can certainly run in the gym, there’s nothing quite like tying up your laces and taking to the pavement. Running is a great way to get outside, enjoy the weather challenge yourself and stay fit in the process. Get yourself a good pair of well-fitted running shoes, set out a route and start putting those miles in. In no time, you’ll be signing up for your first race, to challenge yourself even further on your path to a fitter you.

Take To The Water

With more than 85% of Australians living within 50km of the coast, the ocean can provide a range of enjoyable, exciting ways to stay in fit. Go for a swim, try bodysurfing, take a surf lesson, rent a kayak or just splash around in the saltwater for a while. Spending time in the water will help you to stay fit with minimum impact on your joints and maximum fun! 

Stay In Shape Without Going To The Gym

Going to the gym regularly and following a program designed with your personal fitness goals in mind is certainly an effective way to stay in shape. However, adding a little more variety to your routine will help to add some much-needed excitement to your workout schedule to keep you interested in your workouts going forward. With more varied, fun and exciting workouts to enjoy outside of the gym, you will reach your targets quickly and start truly enjoying staying fit.   

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