10 Ways to Preserve Wedding Memories

By Kate Montina 

Your big day is very sentimental and preserving your wedding memories is a way to keep it alive. Guests will come and go, the day will be over, but you’ll have the memories for a lifetime. You want to hold onto something as a reminder of one of your best days. One of the best ways is the photographs to keep your memories alive. An Indian wedding couple photoshoot is a must thing you have to do. Check here to get in touch with the professional photographers.

They include but aren’t limited to preserving the wedding dress, mandap flowers, cake replicas, and more. You can also preserve your memories as a piece of pressed flower jewelry and wear it on special occasions.They could also become heirlooms in generations to come. 

So if you’re looking to get inspired on how to preserve your memories, see what we’ve lined up.

Get a bridal subscription box

You begin to build memories during the wedding planning process. And getting the bridal box is a good place to start. As you transit from miss to Mrs, you need a planner to help you plan, and a buddy to help you relax. The wedding subscription box meets these demands. 

Look  for bridal services like Miss to Mrs Bridal box that caters to the bride from engagement to honeymoon. It offers nine themed boxes that guide you every step of the way. You can subscribe to any of the four plans depending on how much time left before the wedding. The bride box plans include accelerated, monthly, extended, and quarterly.

In these boxes, you’ll find spa and beauty essentials, planners, vow books, exclusive marches, jewelry, and more. The items are carefully curated to serve all women, including Ms. and Mrs. so you’re sure to find something that will help you make a lifetime of memories. 

Create a palm prints tree

Incorporating a fingerprint tree into your wedding is one of the best ways to preserve wedding memories. Have a wooden canvas set up at the wedding venue in the image of a tree. Make stamp pads and ink available for the guests. They will leave palm prints in the likeness of leaves and put their signatures against them. This is one of the best wedding keepsakes to put in your living space. 

Replicate your wedding cake

It’s not so advisable to freeze or preserve your wedding cake until your first anniversary. A better option is to have your beautiful wedding cake to keep forever. What to do? Make it into a decorative piece by having a replica made out of clay and have it waxed to maintain the shine forever. This will always be a reminder of your memorable day.

Create custom wine bottles

Stock up your cellar with wine bottles that remind you of your wedding day. Do this by selecting your best wines and passing them around for guests to sign. With the labels filled with signatures, save them and enjoy one bottle on each anniversary.

Create a shadow box

A shadow box is a comprehensive kind of scrapbook. This is a beautiful way to preserve wedding invitations and many other items. Cut from your wedding fabric, take some flowers, pictures, invites, place cards, and more. Adhere these items to your card stock background to produce a unique shadow box. Place it on your bedroom mantel.

Transform your wedding flowers

Your decor flowers and bouquet can be easily transformed to serve you for the longest time. For instance, you can have your mandap flowers freeze-dried professionally. Frame and place them as ornamental pieces around the home. You Your decor flowers and bouquet, like these from Ling’s Moment, can be easily transformed to serve you for the longest time. For instance, you can have your wedding flowers freeze-dried and professionally arranged in a wedding flower frame to use as decorative things throughout the house. It’s important to have these memories stored as artwork, but it’s even more important to be able to share them with loved ones.

Hire a live painter

Pay a live painter to be on the ground as your wedding progresses. The artist will paint your wedding in real-time on a canvas. You’ll be amazed at how beautiful this will turn out. Give your guests a piece of you by sending prints of your wedding with thank you notes. You can also have your wedding painting framed and hung as a piece of prized art. This will bring nostalgic feelings in the years to come.

Immortalize your wedding dress

You can make keepsakes from wedding dresses by preserving them in a shadowbox. The shadow box becomes a mini-museum for the dress. You can also convert it to wedding dress jewelry like necklaces, earrings, cuffs, etc… Consult a custom jewelry maker to convert it to metal through the wax casting process. If you don’t want to do this, remake the dress into beautiful evening wear for special occasions.

World map tour

Bring a world map to the wedding venue for a fun game. Get your wedding guests to sign off on whatever country they come from. They can also write something peculiar about the country, like culture, food, landmark, or anything you want. This exercise is a beautiful way to learn, honor heritage, have fun, and get keepsakes.

Bring in a time capsule box

Have a box built and kept at the wedding entrance. Ask the guests to write you advice and wedding wishes in pen and paper. They will fill the box with these wishes and advice. Build up the suspense by not opening it until your first wedding anniversary. 

Wedding memories are well designed to give you a lifetime feeling of bliss. So get creative by preserving your wedding dress, wines, invitations, or even handprints trees. 

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