Why Choosing Gifts for a Fashionista Is Hard (& How to Make It Easier)

When it comes to giving gifts to friends and family members, it’s normal to look at their personal interests or tastes and try to figure out what they might like. This can take quite a bit of work and is fairly time-consuming. Unfortunately, trying to buy a gift for a fashionista friend is perhaps one of the most difficult things in the world. Anyone that has an eye for fashion can be hard to please.

But we believe that there are a couple of ways to make the entire process easier. So whether you’re getting a gift for a fashionista friend this upcoming holiday season or if you’re just looking to impress a friend, here are some gift tips to help you out.

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Fashion is very personal

One of the important concepts to grasp about fashion is that it’s a lot about expressing yourself through your clothes. The type of fabrics, colours and patterns you pick will have a huge influence on the type of outfit that you end up with. The mood and overall feel of the outfit can change drastically depending on the type of clothes you pick. That’s why fashion is a very personal thing, hence why it’s difficult to pick clothes for a friend or family member that’s heavily influenced by fashion.

Luckily, there are a few ways to help put you in their shoes. This will give you a much better understanding of the types of styles they like so you can impress them with a unique gift.

Be subtle about asking for their sizes

First, make sure you are subtle about asking questions! One of the most important things to ask is their size. You don’t want to give them a gift that’s the wrong size which ultimately forces them to exchange or return it. Subtly ask about their sizes, such as asking them if they enjoy baggier or tighter clothes.

Go shopping with them

Go shopping with your friend or family member if possible. Go past a few clothing stores, browse them and take note of where they go, the types of clothes they pick out and even their sizes. This will give you a great understanding of their preferences which can go a long way when it comes to picking a fashion gift for them.

Learn more about their favourite brands

To many people, the perfect Christmas present is getting something from a brand that they absolutely love. If you want to make a huge impact with your gift, you need to choose something from a brand that your recipient loves. Brand names are a huge deal in the world of fashion, so it’s always a good idea to speak about different brands to get an idea of the ones they like.

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Look at Accessories

Fashion isn’t just about clothes; why not focus on accessories such as bags, shoes or jewellery. A classic piece of shop handcrafted fashion jewelry can elevate any chosen style and be a timeless accessory they can wear for many years, as can a pair of designer shoes or handbag. Check out a few jewelry stores and see what type of jewelry they gravitate towards before making a decision.  The more thought you put into an item’s quality, the more it can blend into a fashionista wardrobe regardless of the current season’s style and trends.

Keep the receipts

Lastly, make sure you keep the receipts. There’s no telling if the size is perfect or if they’ll even wear the item. In some cases, they may need to return it to the store for a different size or even for something different. Don’t’ take this personally!

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