The Latest Trends in Indian Fashion

Indian fashion is following the trends slowly being seen across the globe towards fashion made by socially responsible brands that help drive societal changes and are sensitive to the challenges of their customer base. And the people are speaking as they become more conscious of their fashion choices.

This article will highlight the latest trends for Indian fashion globally. 

What are the Latest Indian Fashion Trends?

Indian fashion is a constantly evolving train. It first started from regular traditional desi clothes, and it is now at the stage of fusion wear that appeals to wider audiences. Check out our curated list of latest Indian clothing trends in international fashion, ranging from lehengas to draped outfits with churidars as bottoms.

Draped Outfits

Draped outfits are not a stranger to the trends in the Indian fashion scene, having topped the list in 2018 and ranked highly in 2019. Basically, it is a modern classic. There are a lot of styles that you can use, unique styles that come up with looks of pleats, scarves, etc… Gowns, kurtas, etc can all have drapings and we are loving it.

This gives you a great variety of options, from a saree fused with a Western patterned draping to elegantly asymmetric gowns.


Belts are simply here to stay. They have been ranking highly on the trends list since 2016, and they are very versatile. They can go with lehengas, suits, etc. They are also very stylish and cute. They add structure to your dressing, and help to define space on your outfit. This makes them an essential wear for your wardrobe.

They also have different styles according to body types; thin belts are best for small women, and they complement the women’s size beautifully. Wider belts are best for taller, bigger women. They also afford you a few style options based on your outfit; you can use belts to hold your dupatta, or you can also use them with your kurtis and skirts.

Sleeves with a Flounce

Most women don’t like sleeves as they find them  boring. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Flounce sleeves already come with a lot of Western dresses, but are a new trend as far as the Indian fashion scene is concerned. You can add them to choli, or you can also use them with peplum blouses.

Also, flounce sleeves are not just boring, they are very elegant and help you make a fashion statement. It reminds one of a princess at a ball, and in these sleeves, you just might feel like one.

Peplum Blouse

Regular blouses are good and quite practical, but do you want to go a step higher? We thought so! Go for peplum blouses then. These blouses are showy and classy, and they are best for weddings. Just don’t steal the bride’s thunder. They can also be worn with a saree, a lehenga, etc.

A Phoenix…A Sharara from the Ashes

Yes, this trend might give you vibes of time travel, that’s how old they are. We understand, but we still can’t ignore the excellent designs that they carry, especially when they are now coming back as one of the latest fashion trends of 2020.

Shararas have style in spades, and they are perfect alternatives to lehengas or sarees. They can be heavily lined or casually embellished, depending on what you want.

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