5 Pieces of Jewelry That Will Never Go Out of Fashion

Fashion is all about change, but that doesn’t mean you should toss your jewelry every time a new trend blows into town. It’s important that we all do our part to minimize waste so the planet doesn’t get overrun with junk. Discarded jewelry may sound like it doesn’t take up much space, but all that plastic adds up. Rather than buying cheapie things that only look cool for a few months, it’s much wiser to invest in quality pieces that will last for years, if not longer. Read on to learn about five pieces of jewelry that will never go out of fashion.

1. Pearls

A classic pearl necklace is the perfect example of jewelry that will always be in style. They’re particularly popular right now, so if you don’t have any and you’re looking for a treat, now’s the time to invest in a strand. Pearls are also the traditional gift for a 30th anniversary, so long-time lovers listen up. If you already own a pearl strand, consider pearl studs or a bracelet from The Pearl Source to round out your set.

2. Hoops

There are a lot of selfies out there with people touting how ‘trendy’ hoops are. But the truth is, hoops never actually go out of style. Of all your Adinas Jewels gold earrings options, the simple, classic shape of hoop earrings make them a top pick for women of all ages.. Hoops draw attention to your face, and they’re suitable for virtually every occasion. With so many styles to choose from — gold, silver, big, small, classic round, textured, or even square — you can’t go wrong with hoops. Plain, simple hoops look great with casual wear and in the workplace. Delicate hoops work for business meetings and dinners. Big, bold hoops are real attention-getters, so keep the rest of your ensemble simple. Hoops are a perennial favorite because they look great on everyone.

3. Chains

Chains are another ‘trend’ you see a lot of on in your Instagram feed these days. But chains have been worn as jewelry for thousands of years. Chunky chains are especially popular right now, but so are thin chains, especially worn layered and twisted for a particularly bold, rich look. A delicate chain is always appropriate for work or casual wear. If your outfit is busy, keep the chain short and simple, while a long chain looks amazing with clean, simple pieces, like a velvet gown. Long chains also look great with a high neck but a plain front. Chains will never go out of fashion because they add a classic and luxurious glint to any outfit.

4. Pendants

Neck accessories are always popular, and this is why pendants will always be with us. A chain is lovely on its own but the excitement steps up several notches when you add a pendant. There are so many options when it comes to pendants: pearl or cross, gemstone or heart, every woman should have a silver heart necklace in her jewelry box to create options for personalizing an ensemble.  Striking on their own and ideal for layering, a plumeria necklace is a timeless choice. Simple, delicate pendants such as a single pearl, solitaire diamond or emerald gemstones are always appropriate for the office, while showier baroque pearls, bold geometrics or other unique shapes are ideal for evening and casual wear. Boost your outfit’s wow factor by stringing a pendant on a bold chain or pearl necklace to combine classic trends.

5. Tennis Bracelets

If you weren’t lucky enough to inherit a tennis bracelet from a family member, consider investing in one. Tennis bracelets have been around for years. Originally called an ‘eternity bracelet,’ the slim strand of diamonds earned its current name in the 1980s when tennis superstar Chris Evertt stopped play during a match to look for her diamond bracelet that had fallen off. Its popularity skyrocketed and has never faded, and for good reason. Versatile with exceptional ease of movement, no one ever regrets owning a minimalist yet blingy accessory, especially one that can be paired beautifully with diamond stud earrings.

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Hopping on the latest trend is fun, but the knowledge that you have something beautiful and sophisticated — that goes with virtually everything — is the very best kind of jewelry to own. Gorgeous and timeless, these pieces will never suffer the miserable fate of gathering dust in your jewelry box.

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