The New Rules of Style, According to Generation Z

By Sophia Smith

We have seen numerous documentaries and read a number of articles that have dealt with the topic of how millennials have– and still are– changing the world of fashion. However, as time passes, the new generation looms on the horizon, with its fresh and completely new outlook on what style is and how it should be created. 

Young people born towards the end of the 1990s and the beginning of the 2000s are much more accustomed to doing everything online, and things such as dial-up Internet or even Facebook sound obsolete to them. They shop online more and are not afraid to go bold and, for example, mix a floral dress with an oversized bomber jacket. Generation Z appreciates the freedom of choice, and this applies to their view of fashion. Comfort, as well as diversity and originality, is what this generation sets as the rules of style. 

Convenience and minimalistic details

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Super-high heels, tight dresses, and statement accessories are a big NO for Gen Z. Girls, and young women are prioritizing comfort and basic items over trendy and uncomfortable pieces. A pair of regular jeans, a monochromatic T-shirt, and running sneakers are what most college girls or even young businesswomen will be wearing when they head off into a busy day. 

However, the key to this fresh outlook on fashion is not only in its practicality but in its subtle details. This kind of a basic look needs to be completed with an extraordinary accessory. For example, one can go for a minimalistic card holder wallet or a tiny, vintage watch. The card holder wallet will give an elegant spark to the otherwise very casual look, and at the same time, it will be quite practical for any woman who has her cards and cash all over her rucksack or tote bag. 

The vintage watch may not have so much of a functional purpose (we all check the time on our phones), but it will be a demonstration that sentimental value is above the newness of the high-priced, “IT” items.

Athleisure at all times

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The more fashionable version of sportswear is what the Gen Z loves to wear on a daily basis. Yoga pants with crop top sweatshirts or biker shorts with an oversized tee combo is a stylish standard for young women nowadays. In addition, sneakers are no longer seen as an option suitable only for the morning running session or a workout at the gym, but also a modish (and at the same time cozy) choice for all sorts of events. A pair of exquisite sneakers can be a great choice of footwear when you are about to go to a lecture, a meeting, a brunch, or even when you are about to go for a night out. 

Moreover, many high-end designers have realized this, and that is why we can see brands such as Prada and Adidas collaborate in order to make a splendid pair of sneakers that will undoubtedly be one of the favorite footwear options for many girls of Gen Z. Add to this the fact that some luxury brands have also started making their own designer collections of hoodies and sweatpants, as they are listening to the wishes of the new generation. Thus, the combinations such as luxury trainers worn with wide-leg trousers and an elegant blazer, or high heels matched with biker shorts and oversized bomber jackets, are the fresh and bold standard of the new fashion. 

The power of unisex items

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Erasing the boundaries in various spheres of life is what the TikTok and Instagram generation is all about. There should be no limits to one’s freedom, especially when it comes to fashion. Blue is not just for boys, and pink is not only for girls, as style is a matter of choice and not gender.. Thus, oversized suits that our dads used to wear in the 1990s are having a big comeback; however, now the young and fashion forwarded woman wear them in a completely new way, with crop top roll necks and stilettos. 

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There is no room for labels, not even when it comes to picking your favorite fragrance, as your perfume is only a matter of your personal preference. Moreover, there is no “his” or “hers” when it comes to tie-dye sweatshirts and statement, oversized bomber jackets. This generation is all about mixing your floral skirt with big, slouchy tees and basketball sneakers. 

To sum up, we can say that Gen Z is truly changing the fashion world. One’s style is solely a matter of choice, and there are no limits. It’s all about being comfortable in your skin and your clothes, and at the same time appreciating the little details. 

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