Ideas to Pamper Yourself After the Holiday Rush

By Uma Campbell

The holiday craze has come to an end, and a new year has officially started. The end of any year is a whirlwind of celebrations, events, friends, family, and remembrance, but 2020 was an incredibly turbulent year with an equally unusual end. Recovering from the past year is not as simple as changing the date on your calendar, as the hardships from last year don’t simply wash away when the new year starts (as we already saw last week). Everyone wants a fresh start for a new year, but that fresh start is not something that is given to you; it is something you must take or create for yourself. Starting or knowing where to start is sometimes half the battle, but everyone wants to relax and unwind after the holidays. Here are a few ways you can practice self-care and pamper yourself after making it through one of the most challenging holiday rushes in modern memory. 

Make Your Safe Space

One of the best ways to unwind is to spend quality time in a space you love and feel safe. For most people, their home is their safe place where they can fully let go and relax. However, not all homes are safe spaces, and not all safe spaces are personal residences. Each person has a different idea of the perfect safe place to relax. Some people want to grab a pair of wireless headphones and sit by a peaceful lake for an afternoon, while others want to push wireless speakers in every corner to have a home dance party. A safe place can be a bubble bath, a workout, making a pillow fort in the living room, and anything in between. Your safe place is about what makes you feel good, relaxed, and safe, so do what feels good to you to celebrate the dawning of a new year. 


The holidays often leave no free time to do what you want to do or try new things. Now that the holidays are over, now is the perfect time to try that hobby you have been putting off. Take up knitting, try making your own soaps, take an online dance class, grow an indoor herb garden, hand-build a computer, or anything else you have wondered about or wanted to try but never did. Embrace your personal tastes and experiment with what you do in your free time. Do not limit yourself to what you have done already or out of fear of judgment from friends and family; you should do whatever makes you feel good after making it to the new year. Your happiness is yours to create and control, so try new things and find new ways to enjoy post-holiday life. 

Cozy Curl Up

Everyone loves the feeling of curling up in a nice blanket by the fire on a cold day; as it turns out, there is an entire Danish concept called hygge that focuses on cozy comfort at home. The idea sprung up from long cold Danish winters where people still wanted to feel warm and cozy inside their homes. The hygge style uses plush pillows, soft blankets, candlelight, and other elements that make a home cozy. You can take hygge to the next level by adding scented candles or a burning fireplace, so you are even more comfortable when you curl up for the day. Make yourself your favorite drink, grab a good book, and take advantage of hygge style so you can stay nice and warm inside while relaxing to ensure you start a new year on the right foot.

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Yoga Nature And Mediation

One of the most recommended ways to unwind is to try yoga, meditation, or at least walking out in nature. Getting some sunshine on your skin might feel like it isn’t doing anything, but some studies have shown getting regular sunshine, and fresh air from being in nature can improve your well being. Start with a short walk around the block and work towards solo hikes in your local nature park. Beyond getting outside, try yoga to ground and recenter when you are stressed. Stopping to focus on breathing and what is important is an excellent way to calm your mind and relieve stress. 

Ringing in a new year always feels good, but the weight of the holiday rush soon hits. Once the holidays are over and a new year has begun, it is time to take care of yourself, so you are prepped for the year ahead. Now is the perfect time to practice self-care and pamper yourself now that the holiday craze is over. 

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