These Baby Name Trends Are Going To Be Huge In 2021

Baby name trends go through a cycle, and while there are a few classic names that stand the test of time, others surge in popularity due to memorable events or whatever’s popular in a certain year. According to a study of baby name trends, historical events such as natural disasters, new technology, and pop culture icons may influence the popularity of children’s names. Take, for instance, the rise in the number of girls named Diana in the 80s – it was believed that the sudden popularity of the name spiked when Lady Diana started dating Prince Charles in the early part of the decade.

Meanwhile in 2018, it was reported that more parents started naming their babies Daenerys or Arya, as these two were the most well-liked characters on “Game of Thrones.” This year, it’s expected that baby names will be influenced by  lockdown trends, and it is also predicted that parents will be hoping to empower their children by giving them  unusual names. If you’re expecting a baby this year, these are the baby names that will be huge in 2021.

Strong and powerful names

After all the challenges that we’ve been through over the last year, parents are hoping to counteract all that negativity by giving their babies powerful names. It’s predicted that names such as Titan, Legend, Brave and Legacy may become popular this year, as well as mythological names such as Artemis, Loki and Persephone. You can take a leaf out of Nick Cannon’s book and name your baby Powerful Queen, or name your child Lyra Antarctica just like Ed Sheeran did last year. But if you’re looking for a  more conventional name that denotes strength and nobility, try giving your child a last name as a first name. Some examples of this include Reagan, Quinn, Harper, Ryan, Carson, Griffin and Walker.  

Names inspired by Netflix

Many people have been glued to Netflix, as we’ve all had to find ways to entertain ourselves during long periods at home. This is why it is predicted that the names of certain characters from Netflix shows may experience sudden popularity in 2021. Expect shows such as “Money Heist” to be the inspiration behind baby names such as Tokyo, Denver, Rio and Nairobi. Meanwhile, those who love Bridgerton may name their little ones Daphne, Eloise or Prudence. 

Biblical names

Parents who are leaning on their faith to get them through these difficult times are predicted to select biblical names for their child. For boys, it is expected that the names Ethan, Elijah, Benjamin and Gabriel are going to be popular. For girls, names like Leah, Elizabeth, Hannah and Naomi are expected to trend. 

This year’s baby name trends are a reflection of the times we live in. Make sure to pick carefully and research the meaning of the name, and consider possible nicknames before finalizing your little one’s moniker. In case any of these trendy names don’t work for you, try choosing a classic name, or take a look at your family tree to see if you can get some fresh ideas. Your baby deserves a special name, so give yourself enough time to think about it so you can choose without any regrets.  

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