Country Vibes For Men’s Fashion In 2021

There are some sleek and highly stylish fashion trends on the horizon in the world of men’s clothing. However, the trend reports seem to be circulating around bright blazers and vibrant clothing. Whilst no one is denying that this is a fantastic forthcoming style, it is also a trend that can be very difficult to rock. Not everybody wants to wear bright clothing because not everybody feels comfortable in it. After all, it is a very daring style. 

If you don’t like the trend for all things bright and colourful, then what style should you emulate at present? Why not take it to the countryside? Drawing inspiration from farm life is a fantastic way to end up with an outfit that is catwalk worthy. This is a manly and rugged trend – so you can pretty much guarantee to get all of the ladies’ attention as well! 

But, how do you wear this trend? One of the best ways to do this is through a quilted padded jacket or guilt. Opt for a navy or brown colour if you want to get the true country style. After all, whilst we’d all like to believe that after Easter we are going to be blessed with six months of complete sunshine, we all know that it is never that simple. Nevertheless, a quilted jacket can get you through those days that are slightly overcast, and it can get you through it in style. 

If you are looking to dress up this trend for a night out or a formal occasion, then look towards check trousers. These look sleek, sophisticated, and highly stylish. Team your check trousers with a crisp white t-shirt and a spray of your finest aftershave and you are good to go. This ensemble will ensure you stand out from the crowd and that you are fashion-forward because you’ve gone away from the typical plain trousers men wear for formal occasions. 

If check trousers don’t sound like your sort of thing, then why not consider a checked shirt? Navy and white looks particularly fantastic. You can team this with an array of different garments in order to emulate different looks; ranging from light wash jeans to stylish grey harem pants. Furthermore, check shirts are great for a casual look and a formal look too. Make sure you finish with a good watch. Shop FP Journe watches online to see some great examples of suitable styles.

If you are looking for a great trend to wear in the upcoming months then take inspiration from the countryside. Look for navy and browns, and consider quilted and check patterns.

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