4 Home Refreshes to Breathe New Life Into Your Space

The great thing about redecorating or repurposing your space is how cost effective yet transformative it can be! Most major home renovations, like breaking down walls or redirecting electricity and plumbing, can cost as much as a car. However, there’s a lot of little things you can do to make your space feel new and exciting.

Below are several ways you can breathe life into your old bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room and everything in between. We love cost efficiency as much as we love to decorate!

Fresh Coat of Paint

Nothing says goodbye to a dull and boring space quite like a new coat of paint on the walls! Over time, our walls can get grimy, chipped, scraped, or dingy simply from having lived there for too long. Some wall putty and a splash of new paint is just the thing you need to give your space a new makeover.

Paint companies like Valspar allow you to browse their vast collection of paint colors and upload a picture to visualize how your home will look with new paint on the walls. If you’re afraid to commit to a new color – consider painting an accent wall first to gauge whether you like the color or not.

Consider investing in paint samples, go to your local hardware store and peruse the paint swatches, and don’t make any hasty decisions. You risk buyer’s regret if you make an impulse decision, which could lead to more time, money and extra gallons of paint on your hands. If you need some inspirations as to what you’d like your new space to look like, consider looking up images for inspiration on Pinterest, or on websites like Benjamin Moore.

No project is too much for you to handle with the internet at your disposal!

New Carpets or Wood Floors

Like a fresh coat of paint, new flooring can completely reimagine any space. Regardless of how old, dilapidated or dirty the room – a new flooring can really spruce up the atmosphere. There’s plenty of hygienic reasons to replace your carpet, but it can also raise the value of your home by switching out your old carpet or putting in wood floors.

The lifespan of a carpet is generally between 5 and 15 years, depending on the wear and tear in the threads. If you don’t want to dole out the cash required to replace your floors – consider an understated or ornate area rug. This gives the feel of a new floor, and a new area rug can be a great way to pull in the colors of the room.

You can dress up a space with a classy pattern, or you can elevate a smaller space with a brighter rug. Maybe you’ve been looking for a splash of color to liven up your family room – a decorative rug is a great way to do this.

Updated Kitchen Appliances

A full kitchen replacement is exorbitantly expensive – changing the counters, the floors, swapping out the major appliances – and not many of us have the luxury to do this. However, you can gradually swap out your smaller appliances, like that microwave with a burn mark on it, or the crusty toaster in the corner.

In fact, the kitchen is a great place to begin reorganizing and determine what should stay and what should go. Maybe a butcher block cutting board is just the thing you need to get the rustic vibe in your kitchen, or a hanging pot rack. These fine details are sure to stand out in any kitchen, like a stand-up mixer or a fine set of china, while bringing an old kitchen back to life.

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Another great place to start with replacements in the kitchen is the sink – Installing a 24 inch kitchen sink means more spaces to clean the decision, and a wider area to prep fresh meals. The possibilities are endless in the kitchen, but the first place to start is replacements!

Window Shutters

Give your windows a little love with woodstock quality shutters, because a little something on the windows can make your interior or exterior really pop! If you would like to tackle this project yourself, window shutters are fairly easy to install. A beautiful set of window shutters can dramatically change a room, suddenly turning your boring living room into a spread from Better Homes & Gardens.

If you aren’t ready to go all out on your windows – consider new curtains, or an update from the flimsy plastic blinds from the 70’s. When reimagining your space, you really want to focus on updating the modern and accentuating the best features of your homes. If you have broad, handsome windows with a lovely view, you should definitely consider drawing attention to your windows.

The most important thing to remember when sprucing up your home is to have fun with it! This is the time to move furniture around, and go where you’ve never gone before. If you didn’t think you could make your space bold or bright — think again. Hopefully these updates gave you a place to start thinking about what you can makeover!

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