9 Valentine’s Day Gifts Your Guy Will Love

Whether you’ve been together for a decade or said your “I love yous” just last week, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to wow your guy. It doesn’t have to be overly cheesy just because it’s that time of the year. Who said you can’t think out of the box (of chocolates) and must give in to clichéd Valentine’s gifts? 

You already know what he likes (YOU!). Just step up a notch with creativity and earn you extra brownie points for life. Here’s a round-up of some amazingly effortless yet heart-filled gifts for your guy.

A Date Night Coupon Book

Are you an adventurous couple that despises the idea of falling into a fixed Friday night routine? Get a date night coupon book that’ll help keep things fresh, spicy, and spontaneous. Each coupon inside has fun-filled activities for you both to enjoy – a couple’s massage, a movie-night in, a home-cooking day, and many more. 

Source: Etsy

Unisex Fragrance Luxe Cologne

If you are ready to spend a fortune buying a gift for him (that’d be great for you too), a perfume or cologne would be the perfect choice. No more crowding the dresser when you both can share one.

Calvin Klein and Louis Vuitton have some of the most famous unisex colognes with bergamot notes, patchouli, and lemongrass. Check them out and place your order ASAP so you can get it well in time for Valentine’s Day.

A Men’s Grooming Set

A luxurious shaving or grooming kit contains everything your man needs to grow a respectable beard and take care of it. You can even find sets that include skincare essentials for the quintessential metrosexual who looks good and knows it.  Check out this travel-sized Art of Shaving Kit that offers all the tools for an ideal shaving routine with a subtle scent of sandal and teakwood. 

Traditional Alcohol gifts

Get them off to a great start in the entertainment industry! If your friend is a fan of cocktails, then give them a gift that contains all of the needed accessories for making cocktails. it will also include the shaker, the stirrers, and the measuring containers. Once again, you will likely be able to get the cocktail shaker and/or the glasses engraved. You can also gift them bullet bottle openers or bullet glasses which are excellent gifts for men who is a fan of cocktails. These kinds of presents are also available at oldsouthernbrass.com, which sells great presents for cocktail lovers.

Everyday Photo Book

If your man’s a romantic at heart, give him a loved-up photo book that reminds him of all the good times and memories you’ve had together. This gift can be a DIY project, and that makes it all the more special. Turn your selfies and pictures into a Valentine’s Day collage and remind him of all the beautiful moments spent together. Pro-tip: You can date these pictures to add a personalized touch! 

Source: Snapfish

His & Her’s Mug Set

If he cannot start his day without his morning cup of coffee, get him a simple and elegant mug set that you both can share on your breakfast table. 

Source: Etsy

A Good Old Love Letter

Sentimental gifts like a romantic card, ‘open when’ letters, or a journal with cute love notes is a wholesome way of showing how much you care. You can use this Valentine’s card template and write a cute love letter to brighten their day. 

Can it get any more romantic than that? We don’t think so!

A Couple’s Card Game

If you and your boo like to spend your time lounging around the living room playing games, get him a new game. This game box includes 100 cards filled with intriguing questions like, “What was the proudest moment in your relationship?” or “What has been the most vulnerable moment spent together?” Go fun or frisky with the answers; it’s your call!

It is excellent for couples who want to rekindle their relationship by reflecting on their best moments. But it is equally great for couples who want to talk about something other than their favorite things about each other. 

Source: Amazon

Cook Him His Favorite Meal 

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. It might be an old adage, but hey, don’t knock it if it works. The simple act of cooking his favorite foods tells him all he needs to know about how much you love him. It’s filled with passion and affection – something that can’t be replicated by buying him dinner. But, you can try meal-kits available online. These come prepackaged with the necessary ingredients, taking the guesswork out of cooking. All you need to do is mix ’em up in the kitchen and create his favorite dishes.

A State-Scented Candle For Your Long Distance Boyfriend

If you are in a long-distance relationship, a scented candle that reminds him of the love and joy back home will be a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him. The fragrance might take him back to his favorite moment spent with you in the city and serve as an ideal reminder that home is where the heart is.

One More Handy Gift Idea  

A special day merits a super unique gift for your most favorite person. Gift him a classy personalized handkerchief, that goes well with his everyday style or a pocket square that he can wear to romantic dinners with you or formal events. You may not be with your special someone all the time, but hopefully, this gift of yours will keep you close wherever he goes.

These little gifts are a perfect way to brighten up your significant other’s Valentine’s Day. Hopefully, our guide can help you match your budget and settle on a thoughtful yet classic gift. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to pair it up with a customized Valentine’s Day card!

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