How to Keep Touch With Your Partner in a Long Distance Relationship

By Andy Boyd

If you are in a long-distance relationship, you will be extremely aware of the challenges living far away from your partner can present. One of the most difficult practical challenges that you will probably face is keeping in touch with your special someone. It is unfortunately all too easy and common for long-distance couples to gradually lose touch with each other, often leading to the relationship’s breakdown.

Whether you are in the early stages of distanced dating or have been together for a long time but are currently living apart, keeping in touch requires consistent effort from both of you. However, there are thankfully a few ways that this can be made easier!

Send good morning and goodnight texts

A quick text message is a simple, easy way to let your partner know that you are thinking of them. However busy and active your day is, you are likely to think about and miss your partner most at two specific times each day; as soon as you wake up and right before you fall asleep. This makes “good morning” and “goodnight” texts easy to remember, as well as useful.

A successful relationship is often based around compatible love languages. Unfortunately, not all of these can be expressed in a long-distance relationship. While “physical touch” may be impossible when you are apart, “words of affirmation” are easy to send over text or instant message.

Call your partner on the phone

While texts are a great way of keeping in contact, it is essential not to neglect speaking to each other on the phone. One of the most significant disadvantages of being apart is not being able to speak to each other in person, but hearing your partner’s voice can be more intimate than texting and make you feel even closer to each other. If you want even more connection with your partner, video calls can be incredibly fulfilling. 

One common problem that long-distance couples face is not knowing what to talk about on the phone for a long time. Once you have talked about your days, you can run out of topics! However, think of it this way—when you have spent time together in person, you can enjoy each other’s company in silence sometimes. You can recreate this relaxed hanging out feeling by simply leaving your phone or laptop on speaker while you each relax in the evening.

Plan regular date nights

Simply talking to each other is only one way to keep in touch. Just because you are far apart, this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy fun shared activities. Why not plan regular date nights, such as at a set evening each week? This can help you to fit quality time into your schedule.

But how can you have dates when you are apart? Of course, video calls are one option. You could even cook the same meal together separately and eat together over FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype. You could even play games such as cards or certain board games together. Making these date nights a regular event can help keep the magic of your relationship alive.

Use technology

Modern technology has many benefits for long-distance couples and not just video calls. Why not stream movies together, or team up for some online video gaming? If you want to listen to music together, there are sites where the two of you can create and share your own playlists with each other and listen at the same time.

With long-distance relationships becoming more and more common, many products have been invented designed for long-distance couples. These range from bracelets that vibrate when your partner sends you a message to light messaging lamps to remotely controlled sex toys!

Make future plans together

Let’s face it; being far away from your partner isn’t easy, even with all of the tips, tricks, and technology that can help you. Eventually, the chances are that you intend to live closer together one day or will at least be able to spend some time together in person in the foreseeable future. One thing that you can do to keep in touch is to make plans together for your future. This could be anything from buying a house to simply going on a date to that new restaurant that opened in town.

Making plans together is not only a fun activity (you could even make it into a date) but can also be great for your relationship. Giving yourself and your partner something to look forward to can bring you closer together and help you get through the tough times of being apart.

Keeping touch with your partner is vital when you are dating long-distance. The most important thing to remember is to be affectionate, caring, and supportive, even if you are on the other side of the world. If you can overcome the challenges of distance, your relationship can flourish and become even more vital for the future.

About the Author

Andy is a storyteller who loves good books and good jokes. In the rare moments he isn’t writing, you can find him jogging in the park or perfecting bbq ribs. He is a contributing author at GoDates, and several other online magazines.

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