Wait What? Carbs Aren’t Always The Enemy?

Most of you who are fitness fanatics will know that carbs are sometimes treated as the enemy. Yes, after decades of scientific studies leading us astray, the great minds that explore nutrition and fitness have all agreed that carbs are the main culprit of our unhealthiness. However, they aren’t all bad, it just depends on how many you intake and what you do after consuming carbs. It’s considered novel to accept that carbs aren’t the enemy at all nowadays but it’s not so bizarre to accept that carbs can be good in some ways. We do believe that cabs can be used to help us workout longer and also, add to our size if we are doing lifting exercises. But what are the other ways carbs might be good?

Boost in energy

When you have been off carbs for about a week or even just a day, you will notice a big change in your energy levels. Namely, you will feel very tired. Carbs are the main source of energy for our bodies so it’s little wonder that the lack of carbs would make us feel lethargic. But, when you intake carbs after a break you will feel a boost of energy. This is something that is called carb-backloading. It’s when you only take carbs in time for a workout, and avoid eating carbs at other times of the day. If you workout in the morning, eat carbs at night. If you workout in the evening, then eat carbs at lunch or in the afternoon. Other than that, avoid them if you are trying to stay in shape.

Fuel without sugar spike

Many pre-workouts just rely on sugar and caffeine. You would get the same kind of buzz if you drank coffee before a workout as many of these products on the market. But carb powder is totally different. This does not boost your sugar levels but gives your muscles all the stores of energy they need to workout for longer. That’s really where this kind of supplement shines, it gives your endurance. So you can run for longer, lift for longer or do aerobics for longer. You are getting a constant energy supply from this fast-digesting carb power. It has a smooth delivery of carbs so you don’t get a spike in your system which has a hard come-down. If you burn a lot of energy when you workout, this kind of supplement will help you to remain balanced so you don’t feel like immediately going to sleep after a tough session.


Morning workout

We highly recommend that if you have carbs in the morning, you only workout in the morning. Protein shakes can wait, or you should mix carbs into them. If you have a protein shake after your workouts, then throw in some oats and nuts to boost the carb count. This is crucial for your energy levels throughout the day, especially at work. 

Carbs can be good for you but they must be taken in a way that won’t harm your workouts. These are some of the ways you can do this, but can you think of any more?

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