4 Wedding Investments That Are Worth The Cost

Weddings are interesting celebratory events, in that often they are considered the best day of our lives, and that means that coming together with someone we love often carries with it a heavy price tag. Of course, it might be that your only hope is to enjoy an ornate, large and beautiful wedding, one that helps you start off your new married life with a bang, a family event for the history books.

Of course, some people wish for something a little different, and that’s okay too. For instance, not everyone really wishes to spend time in a massive hall, an old religious building, or a place they have to spend over the odds for in order to enjoy their wedding. That isn’t everyone’s taste, and that’s fine.

Perhaps one of the biggest measures that decide how a wedding will run, and just what its practical planning principles are, is that of cost. If you want to save money, you need to contact the event management company in Bangkok. This is really the best and smartest move. After all, you don’t need to invest in absolutely everything at the top of your budget in order to have a beautiful, memorable wedding.

So instead of chopping away things you really don’t need and by implication making some people feel indulgent for wanting that (this day is totally YOUR day!) what we can do is discuss a few investments that really are worth making on your wedding day. Let’s consider what those may be, together:

Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands

Investing in beautiful engagement rings and wedding bands (both generally part of the wedding fee experience) can be essential. Why is this? Because these rings aren’t a simple token, but a practical consideration you may wear for the rest of your life. You may pass this ring down. This is why thinking about the absolute best stones you can have comes second to making sure you’re purchasing from a reliable creator and seller.

It’s also worthwhile to have your rings sized as appropriate, and to make sure they are structurally strong, that they are easily cleaned and can weather long term conditions. Good craftsmanship will allow all of those things to be relied on – but you have to remember to invest in high quality. If you do this, then wearing your ring will not only serve as a public token of your appreciation, but a private symbol of your love.

Wedding Dress Or Suits

Not every couple wishes to wear the standard bridal gown or suit. Some cultures may opt for different measures in this regard too, such as the beautiful Sari often worn by Indian women, high quality examples of which can be found in many wardrobes across the country and beyond. 

No matter which option you go for, making sure your outfit is tailored to fit you precisely, that you feel comfortable in it, that the clothing is high quality and will last for some time, that it helps you feel radiant, and that you can look back on with pride is important.

For this reason, investing dresses from beautiful bridal shops that signify real craftsmanship with seamstresses on side can be a great idea. You may have to pay more for the privilege, but just like your wedding ring, a dress or an outfit marking your wedding day is among one of those tokens and heirlooms hard to separate from its beautiful and deep meaning. For that reason, choosing a high quality item is important.

Entertainment & Catering

You may notice that we haven’t included the venue on this list, and that’s to give people more wiggle room regarding how they expect their wedding day to be planned. Some people may simply wish to enjoy a small registration and then a meal out with their family after. Some might wish to book out a floor of a hotel and enjoy a massive celebration and feast in the hall provided.

No matter what option you go for, two things are often quite important to think of, no matter if you enjoy them in a family-public or personal-private context. The entertainment and catering.

The last thing you need is to have menu mix-ups on the day, to see your vegetarian auntie accidentally eat pork because of incompetent catering staff, or for your wedding band to drone on and on because you paid the local student oufit a twenty to play some badly sounding remixed hits.

For this reason, making sure that you use a catering team with a high degree of professionalism and great reviews is important, even if you’re going to host a barbecue in your back garden or do something a little out of the norm. Wedding entertainment is essential to consider too, going for a band or a musician that can play for hours, can excite the crowd and can keep it family friendly (and who won’t make use of the free bar!) is very important. This way you can rest easy knowing that whatever after event you have, you’re in safe hands and you can socialize as a result.

The Photographer

A wedding photographer is, unfortunately, where many wedding planners believe they can save money and time. That’s often not the case. You get what you pay for, as the old maxim goes. It’s also a bad idea to rope in a family member who enjoys taking pictures to record your event for free.

Professional photographers are more than just camera operators. They get a sense of the night, can frame shots correctly, use lighting to their advantage, know to stay away from the bar, are silent and do not interfere with your celebrations outside of pleasantries and relaxing talk, and also know how to back up their photos of your special day that (with any luck) will only happen once. They also edit and can print these photos well, helping you achieve a truly beautiful memory. As such, invest in a great photographer, and don’t haggle with them. They are directly there to help you remember your day.

With this advice, we hope you can make the best of the wedding services you really need – and that will all come through properly knowing their worth.

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