5 Amazing Jungle Themed Crafts for Kids

If you’re looking for an effective way to ignite your kid’s creativity, jungle crafts can be a great option. Creating such crafts enables your child to think out of the box, developing his/her creative thinking skills. Moreover, these crafts are simple, easy to create and less time consuming. They will also keep your little champ busy. This article contains tips to creating some amazing jungle crafts that you can create with your kid. Have a look!

Safari Maps 

Take a large paper bag and cut a large paper piece out of it. You need to make this paper piece look like leather. For this, crumple and uncrumple it several times till it starts looking like leather. If your kid is old enough, you can even try painting the paper piece with brown watercolors. (The color seeps into the wrinkles in the paper, making it look more realistic.) Help the child imagine that they are supposed to draw a map to a treasure and turn them loose with markers, stickers, stamps, etc. When they are done, pretend that you are in the jungle and follow the map.

Tropical Paper Plate Bird 

Take a paper plate. Choose your favorite color and paint the plate with the same. Once it’s dry, cut out feather shapes. You can also use multiple colors to give a different texture to the wings. Also, cut out a beak (orange) and two circular eyes (black). 

Staple the paper by folding it in half. Make sure you staple it on the edge opposite to the fold. Put the triangle in the fold of the plate on one edge and staple it in place to make the beak. Glue on the eye. Glue on construction paper feather shapes where the wings should be. Cut a few strips of tissue paper, streamers, etc., to make the tail. 

They should be a variety of lengths and about 1-2 inches wide. Gather them up at one end, put them in the plate’s fold opposite the beak, and a staple in place.

Paper Plate Elephant

Take a paper plate. Choose your favorite color and paint the plate with the same. Allow it to dry. Print out the black and white or color template. Color the parts, if necessary, and cut out the pieces. Glue or staple the ears onto the plate on opposite edges. Make sure you put the ears behind the plate, so the tabs don’t show. Glue on the trunk and eyes.

Giraffe Paper Bag Puppet 

Take a print out of various Giraffe photos or templates. Color the giraffe, if necessary, and cut out the two parts. Glue the giraffe’s head to the bottom of a small lunch-sized paper bag. Lift the fold and glue it in the giraffe’s neck so that when you put your hand inside the bag, it looks like the giraffe has a head on top of a neck.

Zebra Stripes 

Paste a Zebra’s pic without stripes on an A4 sheet and take the printout. You can also use a picture of a horse. Cut thin strips of black paper (I use a paper shredder for this, as it is quicker). Give children black strips of paper and glue to make their own zebra picture.

Final Word

You kid has a lot of potential hidden within. It just takes a creative approach to bring it out. Use the jungle crafts mentioned in this article to get the best out of your kid. However, you may not find all the craft essentials in your nearest stationery store. In that case, you can look for craft supplies online. Such online stores have everything you’ll need and you can always search for a Hobby Lobby promo code for discounts!

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