11 Quick Fixes to Transform Your Home Décor

No matter what style of property you live in, the décor you choose can transform your living environment. From traditional ‘cottagecore’ to an uber-modern industrial aesthetic, and everything in between, there are limitless possibilities when it comes to refurbishing your home.

However, not all enhancements require weeks of planning or months of work to nail. In fact, you can enhance your décor and transform the aesthetic of your property in record time when you know what the quickest changes to make for the most impact. For inspiration, take a look at these quick fixes to transform your décor now:

Paint an Accent Wall

Redecorating doesn’t have to involve moving furniture and prepping an entire room if you only focus on a distinct area. As well as being quick and easy, an accent wall can draw your focus to one area of the room and maximize the impact of your interior design. Additionally, the colors and positioning of the wall can be used to make a space feel larger or, conversely, to give a room a more intimate feel. 

If you want to update your décor with minimal effort, use a shade that complements the existing color scheme but elevates it. Adding a vibrant or bold hue in a room that’s filled with neutrals will change the atmosphere instantly, for example. Alternatively, opt for bold patterned wallpaper amidst painted walls to create a chic accent wall. 

Add More Texture

When homeowners plan their décor, they typically think about colors and shapes. However, texture is important too. Incorporating multiple textures in a room adds depth to your décor and makes it more interesting, not to mention more comfortable. 

You can add texture to a room in seconds when you rely on fabrics or decorative items. Soft throws, cushions, and rugs can be used to incorporate a variety of textures into living spaces or bedrooms, for example. Similarly, vases or frames constructed from different materials can add more texture to a room and enhance the aesthetic. 

Update Door Hardware

If you’re thinking about how to transform your décor, door levers, side plates, and hinges probably aren’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, you’ll be amazed at the impact that designer door hardware & accessories can have. A square hammered door level in flat black or pewter could be the perfect addition to a contemporary room, for example. Alternatively, colonial-style side plates in an oil-rubbed bronze or French antique finish can add the finishing touches to your carefully chosen interior.  

Similarly, wall plates for light switches or surrounds can enhance your interior design and update the décor. With endless varieties available, you can opt for simple, streamline chic or more decorative, ornate styling if you want to make them a bigger feature in each room. 

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Use Statement Furniture

The furniture you choose for your home needs to serve a purpose but this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice form for function. When you incorporate statement furniture into a room, it creates a focal point and draws the eye to a particular area. What’s more – the right piece can bring your design together and make a room feel perfectly dressed. For example, you can opt for nautical decor in a corner of the room to give it a unique area and feel that draws people in.

If you’re limited on space, you can still use statement furniture to enhance your environment. Choose pieces with legs, rather than chairs or sofas which sit directly on the floor. This added height creates the illusion of space and makes a room feel larger. Alternatively, embrace interior design styles that work well in smaller homes, such as coastal, contemporary, or Scandinavian styling. 

Replace Doors

As well as upgrading your door hardware and accessories, you can elevate your décor by replacing the doors themselves. Interior doors are available in a range of designs and finishes, which means there are plenty of options to choose from. Choosing interior doors with glass panels can increase the amount of natural light that flows through your home, while bi-fold or sliding internal doors can maximize space and make rooms feel larger.

However, you don’t have to stop there. Replacing or refinishing cupboard and cabinet doors is another savvy way of transforming your décor instantly. These can be fitted easily, and you won’t typically need any professional expertise in order to switch cabinet or cupboard doors from one style to another. 

Fit Interior Cladding

Most people assume cladding is only suitable for the exterior of a property, but this isn’t the case at all. Interior cladding is an extremely effective way to elevate your décor without undertaking major refurbishments. You can create a realistic tiled wall aesthetic or opt for traditional timber-styling or even a contemporary concrete or metal finish, depending on the interior design style you’ve chosen. 

Many interior cladding options are available in an easy-to-install tongue and groove fitting, which makes them an easy way to update your décor. With endless designs available, transforming your décor can be much, much easier than you think. 

Use Layered Lighting

Sometimes, changing the lighting in a room is enough to showcase your décor in a whole new way. As well as modifying the ambiance in your home, the right lighting can be an element of your interior design and a feature in itself. For maximum impact, choose layered lighting that can be used in multiple ways at different times. 

When you use a combination of overhead lights, spotlights, floor lamps, wall lights, and desk lamps, you can increase the versatility of any space while still prioritizing style. With the potential to brighten darker corners and highlight your favorite interior design features, lighting can be used strategically to maximize the impact of your décor. 

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Make Your Front Door a Feature

Your front door is one of the first things people will notice about your property and it’s somewhere you’ll pass through every day. While most homeowners focus on interior styling when they want to upgrade their home, exterior design is extremely important too. 

Replacing your front door with a different design can be a quick way to change the exterior frontage of your property but you needn’t go to these extremes. In many cases, new exterior door hardware and accessories, along with a fresh coat of paint and exterior lighting, can totally transform how your property looks and feels. 

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Add Rugs to Flooring

Changing flooring can be a great way to transform your environment, but it can cause a significant amount of disruption and upheaval. If you’re looking for an easier and faster way to upgrade your décor, look at how you can change how your existing floor looks instead.

If you have hardwood or laminate flooring, for example, adding designer rugs to strategic locations can add warmth and texture to your interior design. Furthermore, the colors or patterns you choose can complement the existing palette or add new layers to the color scheme. If you want to make a room feel larger, try placing rugs partially underneath furniture, as this helps to maximize space. 

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Hone in on Hallways 

We don’t typically spend much time in our hallways, which is why they’re often overlooked when it comes to redesigns and redecoration. However, in the same way that your front door has a big impact on how your home looks and feels, your hallway does too. After all, it’s the first part of your home that you step into. 

Extending your interior design to this part of your property ensures a holistic feel throughout your entire home and creates a welcoming space. In addition to this, elevating the décor in this space can make your home feel larger. If your hallway is relatively small, chic statement furniture, large mirrors, and ambient lighting can make it feel brighter and larger in an instant. 

Replace Window Dressings

Switching curtains for blinds, or vice versa, can have a dramatic impact on how a room looks and feels. In fact, even replacing window dressings with a different fabric can be enough to transform your décor. A new color, a slightly different shade, or an updated pattern can make a room feel entirely different, so make the most of this easy way to enhance your interior design. 

To simplify the process, opt for made-to-measure curtains or blinds that can be hung using existing fittings and fixtures. Alternatively, arrange for professional installation to save you time and hassle. If you’re eager to incorporate the latest tech into your décor, don’t forget to add motorized fittings to create automated window dressings. 

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Upgrade Your Décor Now

Your surroundings have a big impact on how you feel, so don’t overlook the importance of creating a relaxing, nurturing environment at home. While functionality is important, style matters too. By finding ways to incorporate both form and function in your designs, you can ensure your home looks spectacular and works for your family.

It’s easy to assume that any meaningful interior design changes require extensive work and long timeframes, but this doesn’t have to be the case. With these quick fixes, you can transform your décor instantly and begin enjoying your new surroundings straight away. 

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