3 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Nespresso Machine

A Nespresso machine is one of the modern little luxuries found in any coffee connoisseur’s home. These appliances are incredibly popular for their versatility and ease of use in providing high quality brews in a variety of flavors. If you are thinking of making this purchase, or already own a Nespresso machine, read ahead for some helpful guidance on maximizing its potential in enriching your home and coffee.

Keep it Clean

It can be difficult to know exactly when your Nespresso machine is dirty, but a good rule of thumb to follow is cleaning it at least once every month, even if it doesn’t seem visibly unclean. There is another method to test if your machine needs a clean – without using a capsule, run a shot of water through the machine. If the water comes out with some residue or a stale coffee smell, then it’s definitely time for a clean. If the water is clear and doesn’t smell, you are good to go – although for extra piece of mind don’t be afraid to taste it! If it has an odd taste, then you can understand how the cleanliness standards of your machine are going to affect the taste of your coffee each morning. Knowing how to clean your Nespresso machine is vital in order for it to have the longest possible lifespan. 

Remember the Settings

For most machines, there are different buttons that can help ensure you make the coffee in a size that’s appropriate to the corresponding shot size. Every capsule has a recommended shot size that you can use as a guide, but for many machines, if you hold down the button for too long during the making of the coffee it can override the automatic settings and potentially change the settings of the machine to the incorrect sizing for your capsule. This is an easy fix, if you know how. You can check the specific machine’s guide (usually available online or with a leaflet that will have come in the machine’s original box), but for most machines to reset you can turn it off and back on.

Experiment with Flavor

Once your machine is clean and correctly set up for your capsule sizes, it’s time for the fun stuff! Each Nespresso machine pours in a different manner, and you can play with this to your advantage: a shot that is poured too long is weaker and can taste bitter, while a shot that is poured too short can be very strong and have an acidic taste, which is sharper on the tongue. Altering the length of your shot can help you find a concoction which is perfectly paired with your palette. Another way to experiment with flavor is to use different coffee pods for your machine, as these can offer a multitude of different properties to affect the taste of your coffee. The type of roast (dark, medium and light), the intensity, organic versus non-organic – the possibilities are endless and can quite honestly be a little confusing, especially if you have only recently gotten a machine. We recommend, therefore, trying a bundle from high quality suppliers like Gourmesso, whose capsules fit many Nespresso machines. Their bundles are the most economic method of getting to play around with a variety of capsules, and find what works best for you for a steal of a deal.

We hope this article provided some useful insight into how to care and really optimize your coffee machine. There’s no better way to enjoy a beverage in the comfort of your own home, but using this knowledge will make the experience so much better!

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