Why You Need Professional Cleaners for Post-Renovation Dirt

Taking up the home renovation project might keep you excited to see the outcome, but not all of it is pleasant after all. After almost every renovation, it becomes unavoidable for a place to require some deep cleaning. You can’t simply sit back and enjoy completing your home renovation.

Cleaning a house after renovation can become much more difficult than before. You’ll find dust particles in almost every nook and corner of the house. That in turn might result in allergens floating in the air and lead to some unwanted illnesses for the residents. To prevent all that from happening, read below to find out why you need to hire a professional cleaning company right after the renovation work is completed:

Dust Removal 

Upholstered furniture, curtains and your carpets are the most susceptible to dust and have the highest touch points. The gaps in your furniture if kept for too long after renovation can increase the amount of dust and consequently, some harmful bacteria and microorganisms in the house. Before starting on the task of mopping, one should first dust walls, cabinets, tables and desks. The chances of dust collecting on these hard surfaces are high and often go unnoticed. Carefully clean out the interior shelves of cabinets and countertops. One should also not miss out on dusting the book shelves.

Professional cleaners are aware of the vulnerable spots in the house and deep vacuuming helps the removal of dust and allergens from soft surfaces. They can also use some best carpet cleaner solutions. Also, since prevention is the best cure, it is wise to get the house cleaned up right away after renovation.

Damp Mopping

To prevent dust from moving around in the house and ensure the complete removal of germs, damp mopping seals the deal when it comes to cleaning your house after renovation. Since water is hard on some surfaces, your professional cleaner examines the floor material before using some housekeeping products. Professional cleaners generally use some microfibre mops with disposable pads to avoid the spread of germs or dust. If your house underwent a painting job, you might also suggest that your cleaning professionals use cleaning professionals use floor polishers.

Cleaning Air Vents

Every home renovation project necessitates the cleaning of air vents. During renovation, dust and germs can mingle in the air and clog your air vents. When you hire a cleaning professional, they prevent the spread of dust by cleaning each of the vents thoroughly with soap and warm water. Before replacing the vents, they are allowed to dry thoroughly. Cleaning of air filters and vents reduces the chances of suffering from any respiratory illnesses.

Best Practices

If you are confident about taking the responsibility of cleaning your house after renovation, make sure that you don’t miss out on certain areas that are often overlooked:

  1. Ceiling fan blades: You might be relying on your air conditioner for a uniform cooling system, but for general use which involves opening doors and windows for numerous reasons one prefers using the good old ceiling fans. Although user friendly, ceiling fan blades attract a lot of dust when in use and even when not.
  2. Small fixtures and decorative items: Generally fixed in their positions in the house, some decorative items and equipment can have dust accumulate on them over time.

The post-renovation mess might look overwhelming at first. You can either take up the job of cleaning up the house yourself or hire a professional. The advantage of hiring professionals is that you can rely on their services completely and expect a clean and disinfected environment.

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