8 Awesome Ideas for a Spontaneous Staycation


Spontaneous travel has been a little more challenging recently but now that the warm weather has arrived, there’s no reason why you can’t have a last-minute weekend of fun. There are plenty of options for a spontaneous staycation and you don’t necessarily need to go far. Explore hidden gems near you or areas of natural beauty. If you’re self-sufficient it’s a lot easier to embrace spontaneity. Pack your tent in the car and get on the open road. Even just a day trip somewhere different would do you the world of good. Here are eight awesome ideas for a spontaneous staycation this year.

Get on the open road

A road trip with friends is the ultimate spontaneous adventure. Even if it’s just for the day or weekend, there’s nothing quite like hitting the open road and exploring. The best thing is the freedom, as you’ll be self-reliant and can decide your own itinerary. You can even plan an off-road adventure. This might need a little organization beforehand, but as long as you inspect your vehicle, and pack the essentials you can soon be on your way. Make sure you do sufficient research into the types of terrain and weather conditions you’ll likely to encounter as well. Always prioritize safety first. With a bit of planning, you can still enjoy a wild adventure.

Self-sufficient accommodation

If you want to go somewhere at short notice, self-sufficient accommodation is the easiest and safest way. You can find a great deal in most cities with self-catered AirBnB. If you’re fine with roughing it, camping is another great option. You can find suitable spots using the best camping apps in 2021. These will even tell you where you can camp for free. With most places available to book online in real-time, it’s easier to be more spontaneous with your accommodation.

Explore natural beauty

There are hidden areas of natural beauty everywhere just waiting to be explored. Keep an eye on the weather and on a good day you can spontaneously visit a beautiful spot near you. You can find some suggestions on this list of natural wonders by state, if you aren’t sure where to go. Getting in touch with nature even just for the day is very beneficial for your well-being. You’ll return feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. If you like, you can go for a longer trip and even set up camp somewhere secluded for a few nights. Do some research into places that aren’t far from you that offer fun outdoor activities such as watersports and nature trails.

City day trips near you

If you’d prefer more of a city break, why not take a train to a neighboring town? Most train stations will have a place where you can leave your bags. If you plan a longer trip to a big city such as New York, for example, you can find plenty of luggage storage NYC. This way you don’t have to worry about stressing out with your bags trying to find a hotel and you can relax and explore the city. Even if you stay local, you’ll be surprised what a less than touristic town can offer. Small towns and villages are often steeped in history and have their own quaint traditions. There’s always something interesting to discover.

Rent a boat

For an original staycation idea this year, you could rent a boat. Apps such as GetMyBoat allow you to rent different types of boats at short notice. These include sail boats, fishing boats, kayaks, and even larger yachts for groups. You can use the app to find out what’s available at your nearest locations. It’s up to you whether you’d prefer to do a day of watersports or booking floating accommodation for a longer stay. There are various types of water experience for every occasion.

Stay home this year

If you aren’t attracted by the idea of venturing out just yet then why not stay home? If you prefer you could even host your own outdoor event. Plan a glamorous garden party for you and a few friends. Make a big deal out of  it with a theme and decorations. You could even enforce a garden party dress code to make it a more elegant affair. Show off your cooking skills and prepare a fabulous spread. Alternatively, you could order catering services. A party might take a little planning in advance, but there are plenty of spontaneous ways you can have fun in your backyard. You could have a BBQ, outdoor movie night, or play games.

If you are interested in a grill island, you can purchase one to make your outdoor event even more special. A grill island adds a stylish touch to your space, with plenty of room for cooking and dining. It’s an excellent way to make your outdoor space even more enjoyable for your guests while allowing you to have the comfort of an indoor kitchen outdoors.

Discover historical hidden gems

Look up a list of historic towns and cities near you and consider visiting somewhere spontaneously one weekend. Find a historical village and go and explore for the day. You could even do a road trip and visit a few different towns along the way. There might also be curious sites near you that you’ve never thought to visit before such as Churches or ancient ruins. Try to see your own town from the eye’s of a tourist. Find somewhere new in your local town. You could simply take a picnic in the park and then visit a museum or cultural site. You can look in a local guide book or check out the tourist advice online for your town.

Last-minute travel deals

If you want to go all out for your spontaneous staycation, then check out the best sites and apps for finding last-minute deals. You can find plenty of great offers for local destinations. These are waiting to be snapped up at the last minute, and you can even get alerts on the apps. If you’re feeling restless one week, why not spend the weekend away? Travel apps will give you all the information you need about availability and pricing and all the amenities included. There’s no reason why planning a staycation can’t be just as exciting as going abroad. It actually gives you the opportunity to embrace spontaneity and go on a real adventure this summer.

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