How to Prepare Your Home For Spring Season

By Uma Campbell

Spring is often seen as the season of new life, rebirth, and fresh beginnings. Spring cleaning fits this theme as early in the year is the best time to get your home ready for the rest of the year. Taking care of your house now means you won’t need to do another deep clean or annual maintenance inspection for a while, which lets you enjoy whatever the rest of the year brings with a clean home base. Your home should be your personal sanctuary, but you also need to take care of your home if you want to enjoy it for years to come. It can be overwhelming to simply decide to clean your whole house and get it ready for Spring, but there are ways to manage the project, so it is manageable rather than stressful. With the tips and tricks below, you have no reason not to take care of your home this Spring and get it ready for the future. 

Check On Your Essentials First

When most people think about Spring cleaning or getting their home ready for the rest of the year, they picture deep cleaning surfaces and hidden corners. While cleaning, organization, and preparation are essential, there are other systems in your home that most people overlook. You love your propane water heater when you turn on the shower and get hot water, but you likely don’t think about it otherwise. However much you love your water heater, AC unit, or other home appliance in the moment, these essential systems need routine maintenance to stay functional. You should check your essential home appliances at least once a year and have a professional technician take a look if any issues arise. 

Protect Against The Elements

Your home was built to take a beating from mother nature, but that doesn’t mean your exterior doesn’t need help every so often. Your siding and windows should all stand up to the weather of your area, but some things start to break down over time. Look for cracks in any exterior seals around windows and doors as air can escape through the tiny cracks, which will make your HVAC unit work harder to control the temperature. Peeling paint, bubbles, gaps, and more are all signs it may be time to fix your siding, which is your home’s first line of defense against the elements. Painting vinyl siding is simple and effective when it comes to protecting your home. If you can see your foundation, look for cracks or changes as you want to catch any issues with your foundation as soon as possible to avoid even more expensive repairs. If you have any outdoor spaces like a patio or deck, make sure those areas are checked, too, as weather damage can erode materials over time. None of these checks are to imply that the materials in your home are not good enough or are breaking too soon, as everything has a shelf life. It is usual for materials to break down over time and after extreme events like storms; checking your home once a year is the best way to keep your home as it is for as long as possible and talk with a professional if you are concerned about specific areas. 

Cleaning Is More Than A Cosmetic Change

Most people clean not because it helps their house but because dirty surfaces and items look bad. A dirty home will drag down your mental health as living with visible dirt is not ideal and possibly exacerbate allergies. There is a slew of dusting and cleaning products designed to fit in every tight space and reach every tall ceiling, but it takes effort actually to clean everything. Use a inline fan for better airflow and lower HVAC maintenance. (Click here to learn what is an inline duct fan.)  Cleaning is not just for indoors either as your outdoor spaces also need to be tidied. Use a sturdy rake to pull up thatch or other ground cover to let the grass underneath grow and reduce fire hazards. Be sure to clean out your gutters, too, or the next rainstorm might turn into a waterfall if your gutters are clogged. Do your home and yourself a favor by cleaning things up so that everything works correctly and looks its best. 

Now is the best season to get your home in order and ready for the rest of the year. Check on your essential home systems to ensure they do not need service. Check the outside of your home to fix any cracks in seals and clear out blockages quickly. Embracing cleaning as more than a cosmetic chore as clean environments help you feel better and help your home last longer. 

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