What to Know About Medical Marijuana Edibles

Medical cannabis is a godsend for those suffering from severe health conditions that interfere with everyday life. However, those who are new to the wide, wild world of weed might not know exactly where to start. While cannabis bud is perhaps the most affordable option, it isn’t exactly intuitive for beginners; edibles seem much more novice-friendly, but even fun, 420 treats can be chancy.

The issue with edibles is that cannabinoids musts travel through the digestive system to be absorbed into the bloodstream. This means there can be a delay, sometimes as long as an hour or more, between when a user consumes an edible and when effects begin to kick in. Beginners, frustrated by a lack of immediate effects, tend to consume way more than the recommended amount of an edible, increasing their chance of overdose leading to bad experiences.

It is critical that medical cannabis beginners choose edibles that are easy to dose with — and enjoyable to eat. Here are a few of the best edible options for newbies.


Cannabis gummies are chewy candies, like gummy bears or gummy worms, that are made with cannabis extracts. Different states have different laws regarding edibles; while some states gummies in all forms, other states restrict gummies to certain shapes, flavors and potency, and some states prohibit gummies altogether, fearing that they are too attractive to children and thus unsafe. For example, consumers can find gummies in an Arkansas dispensary but not necessarily at dispensaries in Montreal. Meanwhile, consumers in New Jersey, for example, can only access cannabis-related products with a New Jersey medical marijuana card.

Gummies are a good starter edible because they are small and easy to dose slowly. Beginners should start with half of a low-dose gummy and wait at least an hour before judging the effects. If a consumer needs more intense effects, they can consume an entire gummy — but it is rare for someone to need more than one cannabis gummy to get appropriately high.


Like gummies, truffles are an ideal beginner edible because they are small. Even better than gummies, most truffles feel single-serving, so users are less tempted to snack on more than one and accidentally overdose on THC. What’s more, truffles usually don’t come in bright colors or fanciful shapes, so even though they are a sweet treat, they tend to be less attractive to children. Thus, more places permit the sale of cannabis truffles in dispensaries.

Some of the best pre-made cannabis truffles include:

Chocolate Bars

Cannabis chocolate bars provide a similar experience to truffles and gummies, except that users must break off an appropriate dosage from the bar. Typically, cannabis chocolate bars are sectioned into single servings, just like Hershey Bars, with each section providing a certain dose of cannabinoids. However, unlike Hershey Bars, chocolate bars available in dispensaries tend to be deluxe, boasting real chocolate and complex flavors to complement the cannabis. Plus, most cannabis chocolate bar companies strive to produce their products ethically, following organic and fair-trade regulations that ensure a guilt-free experience.


Cannabis beverages move through the digestive system at a faster rate than cannabis foods, which can be ideal for beginner users who aren’t comfortable waiting hours for effects to kick in with full force. Cannabis teas often combine the healing effects of cannabis with other herbs, which can make for an even more calming and curative experience. Whether users make their own cannabis teas at home or purchase premixed teas, the best herbs to add to canna-tea include:

  • Mint
  • Lemongrass
  • Green tea
  • Chamomile
  • Ginger
  • Turmeric
  • Meadowsweet
  • Echinacea

Sparkling Drinks

Another canna-beverage that beginners should enjoy include THC- or CBD-infused sparkling drinks. Spiked seltzers and other bubbly drinks have recently gained mass appeal because they offer a more complex sipping experience. Cannabis-infused sparkling waters do not boast the high calorie contents of other cannabis edibles, but they still offer a pleasing flavor in addition to a good dose of cannabinoids. Cannabis sparkling drinks can help MMJ beginners seek treatment for their health condition without attracting undue attention because unique sparkling beverages are so commonplace.

Cannabis edibles aren’t a new concept, but for those new to cannabis, dosing with edibles can be deceiving. By starting with the above edible options, beginners are more likely to find success, which can ease them comfortably into the cannabis lifestyle.

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