4 Activities to Do With Your Friends This Summer in the UK

The days are getting lighter, restrictions are slowly but surely being lifted, and hope is here. This summer could be the perfect opportunity for you and your loved ones to make up for lost time. We’ll have to wait and see what the rules are. Nonetheless, there are still some activities you can begin to plan.


A picnic is a perfect way to spend a summer afternoon. Whether you potter to a park or simply set up blankets in your back garden – you can enjoy the day and the company. Each friend could be in charge of bringing a different food. You could even give it a theme if you wanted. Tasty tapas sharing style or perhaps a classy charcuterie board. Make sure you’re dressed for the weather. Women’s trousers and shorts are simply stylish, or perhaps a summer dress if you want to match the season. 

Beer Garden 

Summer bucket lists used to be brimming with big adventures. Ah, how things change. This year you are not alone if you and your friends have more humble goals. There is no shame in aspiring to go to a beer garden this summer. Sitting outdoors, warm skin and a cool drink, while others chat around you. It’s been so long and it’s going to feel pretty magical. The UK definitely does a beer garden well. So there’s bound to be some good ones near you. 

Outdoor Events 

So much of normal life was paused last year, and so many people are excited for when they can hit play again. Particularly those who work in the entertainment industry. No-one can be sure of what summer 2021 in the UK will look like just yet. However, it’s definitely worth keeping an eye out for outdoor experiences near you. This can be theatre performances, live music, or even the cinema. It’s something a bit different and could make for such a special summer experience. 

Get Exploring

Depending on what’s allowed, you and your friends could go and explore a new part of the UK. You’ve been in the same part of the country for so long, so this summer you could relish being able to get out and about. There are so many beautiful spots to discover.

All being well, this summer is set to be filled with reunions and much-needed fun. It’s lovely to give yourself something to look forward to. Have you made any plans for this summer? 

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