4 Tricks for Improving Your Work From Home Experience

Have you been one of the many people that have switched to a remote work environment in the past year? Have you suddenly needed a home office for the first time in your working life and struggled to create one that was functional, productive, and comfortable all at the same time? If this sounds like you, then you may be interested to learn about four tricks that can truly improve your home office experience in a variety of ways. Even if you embrace just one or two of these tips, it can have a substantial impact on how you work from home.

Improve the Lighting in the Office

If you suffer from eye strain and find your office on the dark and gloomy side, then this is an indication that it’s time to replace the existing lighting and perhaps add task lighting. Ideally, your home office will have natural light, but sometimes, even with natural light, it’s not enough. Overhead lights will be needed, but it is task lighting that can be redirected to the exact task you are working on that will prove to be essential.

Create a Coffee Station & Be Your Own Barista

We all know that coffee can be the thing that keeps you going on a particularly busy or stressful day, so rather than having to run back and forth to the kitchen to make a cup, why not set up a coffee station in your home office? This requires very little space and equipment, and can make your workday much more enjoyable. 

In order to set up the coffee station, you need a table, a bar cart, or a small dresser to use as the station, a coffee maker (either a drip maker that brews a pot at a time, or a single-serve machine), coffee cups, the coffee itself, and you may even want a small bar fridge to store creamers in. 

As for the type of coffee you stock in your home office, why not treat yourself to more high-quality brands that deliver a robust and balanced flavor? You can sample coffee from different regions, such as the Philippines, where you’ll find a very unique type of coffee called “civet coffee”. Civet coffee is more common than you would think and features an intriguing production process using civet cats.

Bring in Some Décor and Natural Beauty

Just because you’re at home working, doesn’t mean your office can’t be a pleasant place. There’s no reason to be surrounded by bland and blank space. In fact, adding some décor and natural beauty to the space can actually perk up your mood, making you more energized in general. One of the best pieces of décor to bring into your home office is actually house plants. House plants give that sense of the outdoors, which is calming and serene, and they also act as natural air purifiers. House plants may also be able to improve your attention span, boost your productivity level, and decrease the amount of stress you feel.

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Ensure It Is a Distraction-Free Space

Of course, one of the things that can derail your productivity is distractions, and working at home can certainly present a lot of these. So, what’s the best solution? Ideally, you want to find a place in the house that is quiet and self-contained. If you don’t have a separate space you can use, then you want to be sure to remove distractions from that area such as the television.

Each of these tips will help you to create the productive and comfortable home office space that you deserve.

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