7 Can’t Miss Destinations in Australia

In such a remote and large area as Australia, it is challenging to choose where to go and what to do, especially if you are there for a short time. Such a country rich in natural attractions and endowed with this enchanting natural beauty is impossible to discover in a short-length trip. But we have selected and presented to you some of the most important sights of the country, where yesterday’s greatness meets today’s promise. You’re definitely gonna love Australia and perhaps maybe call it a second home, who knows?

Gold Coast

You will find many interesting places and gorgeous beaches in the city of the same name and the surrounding area, especially for surfers and sea lovers. Other attractions include theme parks and vibrant nightlife at Surfers Paradise. And there are various travel packages available for schoolies on tribetravel.com.au that are both affordable and luxurious. Do not miss trips to the surrounding mountains and national parks to see the waterfalls and the areas’ rich flora and fauna. A little further south, the small town of Byron Bay is famous for its beaches, impressive lighthouses and marine fauna.

Magnetic Island

Located in front of Townsville, on the northeast coast of Australia and has fantastic beaches. Two thirds of the island is part of the National Park, where you can see cute koalas and kangaroos in their natural habitat. The island has long been established as a holiday destination, with many hotels and resorts, for visitors’ tastes and requirements.

Ayers Rocks (or Uluru)

Located in the heart of Australia, near Alice Springs. It is the largest monolithic rock in the world and a sacred place for the Aborigines. The surrounding area is desert and also has a plethora of fountains, caves and ancient paintings. Uluru is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and, together with the Kata Tjuta rock formations, are the two most important sights of the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park.

Great Ocean Road

This is about a three hour drive from Melbourne, along the coast and mountains. This particular route is a unique experience that you must experience through driving a vehicle. And if you probably do not travel with your own vehicle, then you can turn to the option of renting a car. By choosing the company Enjoy Travel, with a huge range of rental cars covering every taste and need for transportation, we guarantee that you will live to the fullest this travel experience, driving and spanning the Great Ocean Road.

The erosion caused by the sea and the winds created giant monoliths, named “the 12 Apostles” (today, there are only eight of them). Melbourne is a fascinating city, with a famous track for F1 racing. Its multicultural character, its vibrant nightlife, and the excellent restaurants you will find are just some of the numerous reasons you should visit it.

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It is one of Australia’s most beautiful parts, an island at its southwestern tip – and is reminiscent of some parts of New Zealand, with beautiful cities with excellent infrastructure for visitors, stunning nature and beautiful beaches. The mountains and lakes of this large island are famous for their beauty and wildlife. There are many historical monuments and attractions from the time when Tasmania was a large prison area for British convicts.


Built on the great Swan River banks, between the Indian Ocean and the Nullarbor Desert, Perth’s city in southwestern Australia is one of the most secluded cities in the world. Still, it has fantastic beaches and vibrant nightlife. The family-run Cottesloe suburb is full of surfers and swimmers, while in the north, in Scarborough, you will find inspirational beachfront clubs and bars. Visit the opposite island of Rottnest and do not miss the view from the so-called King’s Park and the surrounding botanical gardens.

Kakadu National Park

It is located near the town of Darwin, in the north of Australia and is one of the most beautiful national parks in Australia with rich wildlife and a variety of endemic plants and works of Aboriginal art. The only “negative” is that it is so popular that it is difficult to get there without countless other tourists. All this in pre-pandemic times, of course. The National Park covers an area of ​​19,804 square kilometres, about half the size of Switzerland. The nearby Ranger uranium mine is one of the most productive uranium mines in the world.

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