Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Dear Friends

The past year has been a crazy one and with the shops being shut and being unable to go and see loved ones, we have had to get a bit creative with gifts. Some people are now heading into their second lockdown birthday and probably starting to feel a bit restless at the fact (and slightly jealous of those August babies who had the freedom of eat out to help out). If you know someone that has a birthday coming up soon or if you are just looking for a way to cheer them up, then we have just the thing. It is always a good idea to send someone you love a gift – it will make their day, let them know that you are thinking of them and cheer them up. If you are looking for some great gift ideas then here are some prompts to get your inspiration flowing…

A painting that you have done yourself

If you are looking for a thoughtful gift and you are an artsy person, then why not do them a painting? It could be some modern art that they can hang on their wall as a statement piece, or something that reminds you of them. You could paint a picture of you two together, or you could paint a place that you like to go together. No matter what you decide, they are sure to appreciate the effort and thought that went into this. They are sure to think of you each time they see it and know they are cared for!

Something to do with their religion

If your friend is religious, then why not get them a gift that reflects this and supports it? There are many places you can get gifts for this. One such online store is house of Joppa which is a Catholic store with a whole myriad of gifts such as a sacred heart on a stand, wall cross and Carved Neutral Wood Leather Cord Coffee Table Rosary. Take a browse and you are sure to find something that you love.

Collectibles items can be great choice

If he/she loves to collect unique items then it will be amazing. These items add a special value to them.These can include action figures, comics, memorabilia, coins, stamps, trading cards, autographed cards, jersey  antiques, jewelry, and vintage items. Collectors often search for rare and unique items to add to their collections. Graded coins or notes of Civil War currency can be a great addition to any numismatic collection.

A hamper of all the things they love

A hamper is a great gift as you can fill it with things that you know your friend will A hamper is a great gift as you can fill it with things that you know your friend will love. You can buy gift hampers for women online and then pack it with items that might be their favourite chocolate, a film they love to watch, some fluffy socks or a bottle of bubbly. You could add in some books, tea or hot chocolate. If they are sick, get well soon hampers would be a great hamper full of helpful items for your sick friend. Think of what they love and how they would like to spend an evening or day. This will be a gift that will show how well you know them and they are sure to appreciate it. If you don’t fancy making a hamper, there are many services online which can make hampers for you and they are filled with innovative ideas.

Some letterbox flowers

If you are sending your gift for your friend in the post and want to send flowers, have you thought of letterbox flowers? Sending flowers in the post can be risky – what if they aren’t in to receive them? Or what if they arrive squashed? By sending letter box flowers they are designed to fit through the letterbox and then once they are placed in water they bloom steadily over the next few days. Furthermore, putting in a customized matching friendship band from is an extra surprise idea you can include in your box. This way your friend gets a beautiful bunch of flowers and they don’t get ruined in transit. As they bloom slowly they are a gift that just keeps on giving!

A piece of jewellery 

A piece of jewellery is always a lovely gift to give and receive. If they have a charm bracelet such as a Pandora bracelet, why not get them a charm that reminds them of you? For example, it could be a dedicated “friend” charm. Or it could be something to do with their pet, hobby or job. There are so many options. It is a great gift as it means they will think of you each time they see the bracelet on their wrist. There are so many options. If your friends are BTS fans, you can gift them a silver Army Pendant necklace from It is a great gift because they’ll remember you every time they see the pendant.

A gift voucher they can use in the future

While we are in lockdown at the moment, we won’t always be. Why not get them a gift voucher that they can use in the future? This will mean that they have something to look forward to – and they might even invite you along too! There are a host of gift vouchers you can get, from spa days to hotel stays and meals or drinks out. Think about which one suits them the most and get them this. They can then count down to when they are allowed to eat out again!

A photo album

If you have been friends for a long time, then chances are that you have taken a lot of photos together. Why not collate these and make a beautiful photo album for them? You can order a photo book online or you can make a scrapbook by hand. Both ways are beautiful methods of displaying your photos. It is a gift that they are sure to love and cherish forever.

A pamper package

It has been a stressful year so why not get your friend a pamper package? A pamper package can contain items such as herbal teas, face masks, body wraps and bath bombs. This is a great way for them to have a pamper and just relax and rejuvenate. Again, you can make this yourself or find a service online that can make and deliver them for you.

These are just a few gift ideas that your friend is sure to love. If you aren’t near enough to drop it off on their doorstep, then why not send it in the post? It is always exciting knowing that you have something to look forward to in the post (that isn’t an ASOS parcel you’ve ordered yourself) and they are sure to really appreciate it. You could arrange to do a facetime call when they open it so you can see their reaction!

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