How to Put Together an Easter Celebration

Easter is a lovely time to spend with your family, friends and roommates. There are a whole host of events and activities you can do this Easter, all from the comfort of your home. Create seasonal recipes, DIY easter baskets or a fantastic easter egg hunt to get the whole household in the easter spirit.

Here are a few ideas on how you can celebrate Easter this year.

Decorate the house!

Build an Easter tree out of twigs and branches in your garden, clean them and spray paint them in a pastel colour. Once dried, hang small ceramic eggs from the branches and chocolate treats. 

If Easter bunting is more your style, cut out colourful triangles and tie them onto a piece of string. Write an Easter message on the bunting and hang it in your living room for a seasonal touch. 

Arrange some fresh flowers in a vase and decorate the house with pastel accessories to create a spring-ful atmosphere. 

Organise some activities!

Everyone enjoys some fun-filled activities from time to time. You can do DIY activities from the comfort of your home. Hard boil a few eggs and paint them in bright colours, finished with googly eyes and feathers. Place them in an Easter basket as another decoration or use them in egg races. Give each family member a decorated egg and roll them down the garden to see which one wins! 

Hide chocolate easter eggs around your house and get the whole family involved in an easter egg hunt. Use a combination of plastic eggs filled with sweets and larger chocolate eggs. You could even write a few riddles on pieces of paper around the garden to make it a little more engaging for the older children in your family. 

If the weather is nice on Good Friday, fly some kites with the kids in the garden. Did you know this tradition started all the way in Bermuda?

Get cooking!

It wouldn’t be Easter without a delicious roast dinner. Cook a traditional Easter meal with roasted ham, lamb chops, devilled eggs and carrots. Or, if you prefer baking, create an Easter-themed cake with mini eggs and plenty of chocolate toppings, delicious! 

Enjoy a meal together as a household and ask everyone to get dressed in their Sunday-best clothes. You could even hand out bunny ears for the children to wear as a novelty Easter present. 

Finally, tune into an online Church mass to learn and reflect on the history of the Easter holiday.  

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