How To Choose a Professional Makeup Artist Chair

How To Choose a Professional Makeup Artist Chair

Investing in a professional makeup chair is essential for any beauty professional, especially if you have a studio or you’re working on a set. As a makeup artist, you spend long hours standing up or being in an uncomfortable situation. So, when your client is sitting on a poor-quality chair, the height may not be adjusted properly, affecting your posture as you work.

Before you spend your hard-earned money on a cheap makeup chair, think about this: Will you benefit from it in the long term? Will your clients feel more comfortable? Will you really get your money’s worth? Answering these questions will help you realize that a professional makeup artist chair will give you more bang for your buck than any other cheap alternative.

However, if you still need convincing, we listed these pointers on why choosing the right makeup chair is essential for your business. 

It’s Portable

Professional makeup chairs are a great way to ensure that your clients are sitting comfortably at all times. If you’re working outside your studio, having your own chair will save you more time on preparations. You’re bringing many other tools with you, so it’s better to secure your seat for efficiency.

In addition to portability, your chair should be easy to open or close. Make sure it’s lightweight as well, so it’s easy to carry, transport, and store.

Provides Comfort

With the average professional makeup application lasting approximately 45 minutes, both the client and makeup artist need to take their comfort and physical health in mind. The wrong makeup chair can cause you or your client back and neck problems, muscle strain, and other forms of physical discomfort.

Comfort can be a lot of things, so let us break it down for you:

  • Stability – Your makeup chair needs to be stable so that the person sitting is safe, comfortable, and stationary. Make sure the legs have a balanced base and aren’t wobbly.
  • Headrest – Having an adjustable headrest is perfect for customizing the comfort level for your client. A pro tip is placing a lumbar pillow on the chair for back support and added comfort.
  • Adjustable height – It’s apparent that makeup artists need a portable chair that could be adjusted to their desired height. This feature protects the artist’s back while allowing them to work comfortably at eye level.

Better Makeup Application

Quality equipment plays a big part in creating a flawless makeup look. A professional makeup chair is just as important as your brushes, lighting, and other tools. It assures a good experience for the client as they sit comfortably without needing to adjust constantly. With their neck, head, and back adequately supported, they won’t move around and fidget as much, making it easier for the makeup artist.

When your client is seated at a good angle, you can apply makeup with ease, create better contouring angles, and so on. The right professional makeup artist chair can help improve your work, therefore improving the finished look.

Recommended for New and Veteran MUAs

More than looking the part, many new makeup artists would want to invest in the best materials as early as possible to provide excellent quality work. Here are some examples of the best makeup artist chairs.

The TuscanyPro Portable Heavy-Duty Makeup Artist Chair is one of the best portable makeup artist chairs:

  • Very easy to fold
  • Comes with carrying case 
  • It comes with a mini-ring LED light. 

The professional makeup artist chair by Lumina Pro is an excellent choice if you’re set on buying a professional chair. It’s best for makeup artists who are always on the go but works just as great as a permanent chair in a studio. The features include:

  • Dimensions: W 55cm (21.65in)  x H 110cm (43.31in)  x D 43cm (16.93in)
  • Headrest: Adjustable
  • Height with Headrest: 147.32cm (58in)
  • Height without Headrest: 111.76cm (44in)
  • Seat height: 76.2cm (30in)
  • Weight: 5.8kg

Makeup artist chair by Cantoni is another great choice:

  • Designed to provide professional make-up artists with the greatest level of comfort and functionality, 
  • The makeup artist chair is an original Cantoni creation
  •  The idea was conceived from experience in the field


An adjustable and portable makeup artist chair is the best type of chair for traveling makeup artists. The importance of comfort and functionality is a must, as well as getting the most bang for your buck when buying high-end makeup chairs.

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