Seven Ways To Boost Your Self-Confidence This Year

We would all like to have the natural confidence levels that others seem to have in bucket fulls but it’s not the case. We all have our disadvantages and the things we struggle with as individuals. Confidence can be a thing that is handy to have and it can certainly influence various pathways in life. With that being said, if you’re looking at making changes to improve your confidence levels then here are seven ways to boost your confidence this year.

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Set Goals For Yourself

Firstly, it’s important to set goals for yourself. When you set goals, especially those that are measurable and that you can monitor, it can help show you progression. Some of us can often go year by year, thinking that we’ve not achieved much. However, if you note down all the goals that you want to achieve this year, then at the end of the year, hopefully, you’ll have a list of goals that have been achieved. It’s always satisfying to cross them off too.

Confidence is not just about being able to talk to people, it’s about having confidence in yourself, knowing that you can achieve anything you want in life and you can do anything you want in life too.

Goals give you a bit more direction in life, especially when you’re feeling lost and perhaps even a bit despondent with what’s happening in your life currently. It’s that initiative that you need to get up and go.

Get A Brand New Hair Style Or Color

Even though your appearance isn’t everything, it can certainly be wonderful to treat yourself to a new hairstyle or color. This usually comes after a big event in your life like a breakup or a job change. But who said you needed an excuse to change it up every once in a while? Making a change to your hair or any other part of your appearance can give you that internal mood boost that you might have been after. A lot of our appearance in many of us can be linked to our confidence levels and it’s all about learning to love your body for what it is.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t change things that you feel would boost your confidence if you did it. We all deserve pampering too so not only does this boost our mood and confidence but it can also help with our mental wellbeing too.

Many of us won’t spend enough time on ourselves and a lot of our internal confidence can come from spending time on number one – that’s you!

Implement Health Changes Where Needed

Our health is a big important part of life and it’s something that we often take for granted or don’t appreciate until it’s too late. With that being said, think about the health changes that you can make now in order to improve your wellbeing but also to give your confidence in areas of your body that you might be worried about or conscious of.

One example could be your oral hygiene. It’s surprising to some but our oral health if not looked after, could actually impact other parts of the body and our general health overall. So if you can implement a few new steps into your oral hygiene like water floss and mouthwash, you may notice a big difference.

For a confidence boost, many will whiten their teeth in order to get rid of any stains from various foods and drinks. It’s always good to implement health changes that were needed for you. Having confidence in your health can do wonderful things for you in life. It gives you less to worry about.

Find Clothes That Make You Feel Good On The Inside

Clothes are a materialistic thing but they can do a lot to give yourself a bit of a boost in confidence. For example, you might be starting a new job or wanting to impress your manager to help get towards a pay rise or promotion. With that said, finding some clothes that can give you that confidence and power is important.

When you go shopping, try to lead with your emotions, not necessarily the price tag. Gravitate to what is drawing you in and making you feel good. Pick out some wildcards too and try them on. Again, think about how you feel in the clothes and only buy the items that are going to bring you joy and give you that confidence you need and deserve to have.

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Another tip when it comes to clothing is to pick outfits for your shape and size, rather than just pulling anything off the rack and hoping for the best. When clothes fit your body, they can make a big difference to how you feel in them.

Take Networking Classes

Networking classes are a good way to address the confidence issues when it comes to talking to other people. The truth is, networking can be a really good skill to have because it can ultimately set you up to be successful in both your private and working life.

So with that said, try to ease yourself into networking by starting your journey online. Thankfully, with technology, you can network from the comfort of your own home without actually needing to see someone physically. If you have confidence issues, then you certainly want to give this method a go first before going to real-life events.

There are plenty of networking events out there to be a part of whether that’s directly involved with your workplace or industry events and conferences. Try to do as much networking as you can on a regular basis so that you stay well practiced with this skill. It’s hard to just approach strangers and find a mutual topic of interest to talk about but it does get easier with more practice.

Cut Out Your Toxic Relationships

The confidence we have is not simply our own doing but it can be influenced by others too. Think about the people that you have in your life and who you value the most. It’s important that whilst you can be surrounded by family and friends, you’re not being influenced by toxic relationships. We can often have toxic relationships and friendships which we don’t even realize until further down the line.

You want to have people around you who are going to bring you up, not put you down. Especially when it comes to your confidence, you want someone who is going to make you feel invincible and not a person who is conscious about everything and anything you do. If there’s anyone in your life that’s making you feel less than fantastic, get rid of them or at least distance yourself from how much time you spend with them.

Always Give Yourself Moments Of Self-Care

There will always be moments in life where you feel like you’re not good enough or you’re having a bad day. We all have them and it’s important to spend time on yourself and not always on other people. After all, you’ve got a life to live too and you need to ensure you’re happy. With that being said, give yourself  some moments of self-care as and when you need it. If you can give yourself that positivity and self-care once or twice every week, then you’ll see an improvement.

Boosting your confidence takes time and some build it up over their lifetime. Be patient, trust the process and more importantly, believe in yourself.

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