Financial Red Flags You Shouldn’t Ignore in a Relationship

It’s all too easy to overlook any negatives when you’re falling in love. In many ways, this acceptance is what relationships are built on, but it’s vital to remember that there is a limit even on this. 

Consider, for instance, that financial strain due to poor money habits can put the nail in the coffin for even the happiest couples. In fact, surveys have commonly shown money worries to be a leading cause of divorce. As much as you might want to ignore all of this during those early heady days, getting a grip on where you both stand regarding money is as crucial as checking for compatibility between your personalities. You certainly shouldn’t bury your head in the sand when the following financial red flags crop up. 

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It’s all take, take, take

Men and women are now on an even-par where money is concerned, and for couples especially, sharing financial responsibility is often key. That’s not to say, of course, that you can’t treat your partner sometimes, but it is important to set boundaries. If your new partner is all too happy to sit back and let you do all the spending, it may be a sign that they’re either spending their money on something they aren’t telling you about, or are all too happy to let the financial balance of the relationship fall in your court. 

The turtle act of avoidance

When unexpected bills hit, immediate action is crucial both to ease the stress and to avoid escalating interest or damaged credit reports. Whether you talk with a bank or consider alternative lending options like those offered by Diamond Blanc premier jewelry equity lender, you and your partner should work together to face these issues head-on and promptly. If, however, you find that your partner keeps putting things off or fails to address them altogether, then it’s another sign all is not well on the money front, especially if this attitude of avoidance means that you either have to tackle the problem yourself or pay extra as a result. 

The debt you didn’t know about

Our last and perhaps most worrying red flag is a debt that you don’t know about until your relationship has already progressed. Admittedly, addressing debt can be difficult, but if a partner fails to disclaim this problem before a joint financial commitment like renting a house, this can soon become an issue. Not only does this omission prove a degree of dishonesty, but it’s also a sure sign that your partner isn’t as reliable with money as they might have liked you to believe. And, if you’re about to make commitments like joint accounts and family spending, then that’s an issue worth keeping in mind. 

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If you air them and make your financial standing clear, even these red flags don’t have to spell the end of your relationship. If, however, you keep avoiding warning signs like these, you could soon join the countless couples who have split under unbearable financial burdens and monetary outlooks that may as well come from different planets. 

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